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About This Project

In October group of 16 students from Nietążkowo, were hosted by euroMind in Malaga to gain a 2-weeks internship in different sectors.
In Malaga, students had an opportunity to see how looks like their jobs in other countries. Also, trainees had different tusks which helped them increase their knowledge. All students get a unique experience in different positions. Here they were working as Logistic, Cook, Photographer`s assistant, Graphic designer.


Cooks were learning about the typical Spanish cuisine and local specialties. Performing skilled cooking and food preparation. Estimating food scarcities, reviewing inventory to assure that adequate supplies are available. Assisting in coordinating food service activities to have meals prepared at scheduled time Washing and drying kitchen pots/utensils and ensuring their proper storage. Observing and testing food to determine if it has been cooked sufficiently, using methods such as tasting, smelling, or piercing it with utensils.


Logistics were opening boxes of goods and classifying products. Placing products in the warehouse (access to the shelves via the staircase). Taking products to the store and placing them on the shelves. Handling carts, scanners, boxes, and weights. Ordering products in the shop and warehouse area. Marking and updating product prices. Managing the data collection system.


Photographer`s assistant was observing the photo session and video recording. Assisting a photographer in his/her work. Editing pictures with photo editing tools. Determining methods of image capturing concerning aesthetic canons. Receiving clients in the studio. Drawing, creating, and editing collages for clients.


Graphic designers were conceiving, designing, modifying, and creating images using programs such as Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, and Corel. Projecting designs based on the needs of the client. Offering clients services that meet the objectives of projects and justifying proposals in line with the knowledge of the trainee. Conceiving, producing, and managing visual communication projects. Getting to know the latest technologies used in the graphic design sector.

During their stay in Malaga, the trainees not only developed their work skills but also took part in different cultural activities such as the Malaga tour, Tapas Night, Churros. Also, trainees visited Granada.

Granada is the city of three religions and cultures: Judaism, Christianity, and Islam. During the trip, the group had a chance to learn and experience a little bit of each of these cultures. Moreover, the students could enjoy the great variety of stunning landscapes and views that Granada has to offer since the city is located at the foot of a mountain range called the Sierra Nevada.

Students get sufficient Spanish courses with our Spanish teacher, we emphasize practice, so during lessons students play a lot, because we think the game is the best teacher. Spanish classes can be described in two words: dynamic and practical. That is why, after intensive and hard learning, the students had written an exam. All the participants passed with very good results!euroMind team did their best to deliver the best professional and cultural experience to the trainees of the project being always ready to help, give advice and solve any problems or doubts.


Artur Małczak

The time I spent in Malaga was really good. I’ve met some really nice people. The places I visited were amazing. I had a chance to eat some delicious things like churros. The whole trip was really fun and well made.




 Malwina Nadolna

Working in a photo studio was a great experience. During these two weeks, I learned a lot and I was sad to leave my place of work on the last day. This amazing opportunity I will recommend to everyone to take part in euroMind internship.



 Sandra Wieczorek

The internships in Spain were very fun and interesting. I met many wonderful people and learned interesting things. I worked with wonderful people and had a great time exploring Malaga. The Apostle comes first and the best and best in the world.




Project Details

Project Title: Więcej Europy więcej jakości!
Project Number: 2020-1-PL01- KA102-079626
Number of participants: 16
Country: Poland; Nietążkowo

All Projects, Gastronomy, Graphic Design, Logistics, Photography
cook, Graphic designer, Logistics, photographer