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About This Project

In October group of 16 students from Kłobuck arrived in Malaga to carry 4-weeks internships in different sectors. Students get an opportunity to learn new information about their jobs, also they were lucky to make new friends and live in other culture, during their staying trainees were hosted by euroMind. All students get a unique experience in different positions, during the internship they were getting a variety of tasks, which helped them to improve their knowledge about their jobs. Here they were working as a dressmaker, hairdressers, shop assistants, carpenter’s assistant, and cooks.


The dressmaker was fitting, altering, repairing, and making the tailor-made clothing and home accessories, according to customers’ and manufacturers’ specifications and fit. Applying principles of garment design and stylization. Repairing or replacing defective garment parts such as pockets, zippers, snaps, buttons, and linings. Repairing or replacing defective parts of home accessories.


Hairdressers were organizing the workplace, selecting appropriate tools and supplies for hairdressers. Understanding the work organization and equipment usually used by hairdressers. Providing excellent customer service by the principles of culture and art of hairdressing. Understanding the cosmetics and haircare technologies used by hairdressers. Using sterilization procedures of hairdressing utensils.


Shop assistants were dealing with customer service. Supporting the sales process. Assisting in the management of invoices, receipts, and payments. Taking care of the order in the store. Unpacking products, stocking shelves, arranging displays. Arranging shop windows and displays.


Carpenter’s assistant was supporting the installation of wooden furniture and other carpentry elements. Preparing the workplace and keeping it in order, preparing the necessary tools to work. Selecting and using the tools, machines, and equipment necessary to perform the tasks assigned. Using the measuring instruments and gauges. Cutting materials with hand and electric tools, and assembling, cutting, or shaping elements.


Cooks were working on different tasks, such as -washing, peeling, cutting fruit, vegetables, and meat. They also helped in weighing, measuring, and mixing ingredients according to recipes and personal judgment with the use of available kitchen appliances and equipment.


During their stay in Malaga, the trainees not only developed their work skills but also took part in different cultural activities such as the Malaga tour, Tapas Night, Flamenco dance workshop. Also, students were traveling around the Andalusian region, they visited Ronda, Granada, Sevilla.


Students get sufficient Spanish courses with our Spanish teacher, we emphasize practice, so during lessons students play a lot, because we think the game is the best teacher. Spanish classes can be described in two words: dynamic and practical. That is why, after intensive and hard learning, the students had written an exam. All the participants passed with very good results!


Wiktoria Kierat

The internship was one of the most interesting trips I was on. During the internship, I had learned a lot of new things which can be useful in the future. Weekend trips were amazing because I had a chance to see beautiful cities and learn some of their histories. The residence was located near the city center so in our free time we could explore the city on our own.


Martyna Sładkowska

I like the internships very much, I gain skills that will be useful to me at school and in my future work. The hotel is comfortable, the food is good and the plan is arranged so that there is time for everything. I like trips because I am curious about new cultures and tasting new food



 Martyna Sładkowska

Torremolinos is a really beautiful city with awesome buildings and a climate. People are kind here because they are always open to conversation, also most often can find time to help you. For sure, Spain is a very beautiful country, and it is hard to be bored here. The only disadvantage to this place is the high temperature and monotonous weather. In short, I am happy to have spent my time here.




Project Details

Project Titl: Pierwszy krok do kariery
Project Number: 2020-1-PL01- KA102-079020
Number of participants: 16
Country: Poland, Kłobuck

All Projects, Carpentry, Gastronomy, Hairdressing, Shop Assistant
carpentry, cook, dressmaker, Hairdresser, shop assistant