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About This Project

During their two-week internship these 6 motivated Polish trainees made their way to Sevilla in order to take part in a unique learning experience which would greatly improve their skills, knowledge and practical experience. By witnessing first-hand the work of professional miners, the students gained some valuable insights which will help them to encounter a nice job in the future.


Their main tasks included:


  • recognition of new conditions and adaptation
  • assimilating new habits, knowledge and skills
  • the use of new acquired abilities and knowledge in practice
  • the use of IT techniques


During their stay the students showed their motivation and commitment to the job which was greatly appreciated by their mentor. But apart from their hard work they also managed to find the time to explore Sevilla and its beautiful sights by going on a trip to Gibraltar for example.



Piotr Wrażeń:

‘My practice in Spain was a very nice experience for me. I have learnt a lot, not only about mining and renewable energies, but also about the region of Andalusia and its history. Apart from the acquired knowledge, I also had an opportunity to enjoy the sun and the sights on our days off. I will never forget how amazing the whole experience was organized, and we owe so much to miss Natalia (a big thanks to her for that!).’


Bartłomiej Pierściecki:

‘I will forever have good memories about my practice in Spain because we have learnt a lot about the local mining, production of renewable energies. Our tutors were very friendly and helpful, and also very well-organized. I recommend everyone to apply for this placement, it is great.’



Project Details

Project Title: Uczniowie ZSZ Nr 3 w Katowicach u progu europejskiej kariery
Project Number: 2015-1-PL1-KA102-014873
Number of participants: 6
City & country: Katowice (Poland)

Agriculture, All Projects, Construction