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About This Project

In the middle of May, 16 Polish trainees from Warsaw came to Spain to take part in a four weeks internship of IT and electronics. During that time they were working in local companies in Ubeda.



Tasks of the IT trainees were: an installation of operating systems, of hardware and software, reparation of laptops and PCs, network configuration and more. They get to know how to detect throughput problems, how to monitor the system with the appropriate tools and how to document the procedure. They could see the work of professional IT services and part of them had the opportunity to make digital sketches and create a website layout.

The group of electronics trainees could assist in installations of different electronic systems, in assembling and upgrading hardware, in installation and diagnosis of air conditioning system. They found out how to operate test equipment to diagnose malfunctions, how to read electrical diagrams, how to repair electronic circuit boards and how to select necessary equipment and tools. They learned about the preventive maintenance, cleaning, and lubrication of electronics equipment.

During their internship, the trainees were extending their communication skills and language competencies in English and Spanish. They expanded their ability to work as a team in international environment. They were actively taking an initiative, thus they gain self-confidence in the professional area.



The trainees could improve not only in their professional fields but also in the matter of personal development by getting to know Spanish culture, traditions and citizens.

The “tapas night” gave them the opportunity to savor in traditional Spanish dishes.
The group had a lot of fun in a bowling club, where they spent an exciting afternoon.
They could also make international friendship in the sporting spirit in the time of the football match with a team of their local peers.
They heard the sound of Andalusia in the Spanish guitar workshop, where passionate musician shared with them his knowledge about Spanish music and the craft of making instruments.

They could admire the beauty of one of the important Andalusian cities located on the coast during their trip to Málaga. They were impressed by wonderful panorama and numerous monuments. They spent great, relaxing time on the local beach.


We hosted them with a great pleasure and we trust that they will make the best of the knowledge and experience they gained during this internship. We hope that they will never forget the adventure they lived and we wish them all the best for their future!


patryk karabin3Patryk Karabin:

“I am very satisfied with the internship. The atmosphere was very nice, the staff was cheerful. They had one objective, to teach me as much as they can about electronics and IT. During the internship, every day I learned something new”.

18767192_1371811819570243_277664074_oBratłomiej Biernacki:

“In my opinion, the internship in Spain was very interesting and I learned a lot. Thanks to the internship I could experience how the work of IT specialist looks like in another country”.



Project Details

Project Title: „Innowacyjny staż zagraniczny w krajach Unii Europejskiej szansą na lepszy start w dorosłość młodzieży”
Project Number: 2015-1-PL01-KA102-015901
Number of participants: 15
City & country: Warsaw (Poland)

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