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About This Project

At the end of the summertime, Ubeda had the pleasure to host 18 trainees from Roskosz in Poland.

They worked in local companies in the field of gastronomy, pastry and as car mechanics. That gave them the chance to grow as professionals and to learn how work in their trade looks like in another country.



The students of gastronomy discovered new flavors, spices and ingredients. They learned how to prepare typical Spanish dishes and local specialties. The pastry cooks find out how to make various types of dough and creams. They also decorated cakes and pastries.

The car mechanics were performing basic mechanical operations like oil and filter change, disassembling, assembling and replacing defective parts, washing of engine and other car components.  They were assisting in car body repairing i.e. welding, brazing, riveting.

All of the trainees developed their communication skills and ability to work as a team.

During their stay, the trainees visited Malaga, where they could admire the beauty of this Andalusian city. They find out many things about Spanish culture and history, they saw the most important monuments and viewpoints and then they spend some nice time together on the beach.



They went back home with a positive attitude, ready for the next adventure. We hope that they will not forget this experience and the things they learned will help them build their careers.


malgosia3Małgorzata Kociubińska

‘I am really satisfied with the internship. All the co-workers were helpful, caring and friendly. It was a pleasure to work with them’.

paulina (2)Paulina Dębowska:

‘I am very satisfied with the internship. The staff is friendly, polite and caring. I liked my work there and I would like to come back here in the future’.

grzes3Grzegorz Jurkitewicz:

‘I am content with my internship. The workplace was well-equipped, the co-workers were very friendly and helpful. In the future, I would like to work in a place like that’.



Project Details

Project Title: Od stażu do angażu
Project Number: 2015-1-PL01-KA102-015011
Number of participants: 18
City & country: Roskosz (Poland)

All Projects, Car mechanics, Food Production, Gastronomy