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About This Project

In the second half of March, 18 Polish trainees from Lublin came to Úbeda for a three-week internship. They all worked as cooks in a wide variety of restaurants, from small family-run businesses to larger restaurants and hotels. They learnt new skills, such as peeling shrimps and cleaning squid, and learnt how to make some typical Spanish dishes, for example, salmorejo. They all enjoyed experimenting with new flavours and dishes, and learning from the professional cooks in the restaurant.


The trainees had the chance to immerse themselves in Spanish culture too. As cooks, they particularly enjoyed learning more about Spanish food. They took part in an olive oil tasting and learnt more about one of the most valuable products in the region of Jaen. They learnt all about how olive oil is produced and then tasted different types of olive oil to learn how to distinguish between them. They also had a tapas night, where they tasted many typical Spanish specialities.


Finally, they visited three famous Andalusian cities: Cordoba, Seville, and Malaga. In Seville, they saw many famous monuments, such as the Cathedral, Giralda and the Plaza de España and they had the chance to go inside the beautiful Alcazar. In Cordoba, they admired the beautiful Jewish quarter and visited the famous Mosque-Cathedral. In Malaga, they visited the Alcazaba and took in the great view of the city.


We hope that our trainees learned a lot from their internships and will have great memories of their time in Úbeda!


Łukasz Wojciech Małachowski

I feel privileged to have worked in a restaurant that brings a smile to your face every day. The owners of the restaurant were wonderful people who wanted to share their passion for cooking with others. Whilst working in the restaurant I had the opportunity to learn about dishes that are practically unheard of in Polish restaurants.


Weronika Anna Mrugala

The internship went very well and the restaurant had a good friendly atmosphere and the people were nice. We tried new flavours and learnt about different interesting dishes. I learnt how to make salmorejo and I am very happy with my internship.


Magda Maria Barzak

The atmosphere at the restaurant was very nice. Even though we didn’t speak each other’s languages, we were able to communicate. I learnt how to peel shrimps and to clean squid. I also tried some Spanish dishes that were new to me. I highly recommend working in this restaurant.




Project Details

Project Number: 2019-1-PL01-KA102-062065
Number of participants: 18
Country: Poland; Lublin

All Projects, Food Production, Restaurant industry
cook, food industry, gastronomy, restaurant