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About This Project

At the turn of March and April we hosted a group of 16 Polish trainees. They came to Ubeda for three weeks, to take a part in an internship of gastronomy as cooks.
They could practice their skills and gain professional knowledge in various restaurants of Ubeda.


They could find out how the restaurants work from the inside. They could see how to organize daily tasks, how to cope with pressure, how to manage the work-place, how to use a software of restaurants and how to deliver the meals.

They took a bite of Spanish cuisine. They learned how to prepare typical Spanish dishes and local specialties. They find out many Andalusian recipes. They could also try homemade meals and many new flavors.

Due to the fact that they were working with Spanish people, using foreign languages, they developed their communication skills along with the ability to work as a team, as well as showing the initiative and present self-confidence in professional area. At work and at classes, they practiced both, Spanish and English.


The internship gave them a chance not only to improve in their profession, but also to taste the true Spanish culture.

They visited The Oil of Olives Interpretation Centre, where they find out a way to recognize a quality of “liquid gold” and they participated in cooking workshops.

They tied specialties of Ubeda at “tapas night”.

They admired fragile ceramics in The Paco Tito Pottery Museum.

The group also had the privilege of visiting many beautiful Andalusian places like: Granada, Cordoba, Cazorla and Jaen.


It was a great pleasure to host them and we hope they will take all the best from this experience that the competences they obtained will serve them in their future and wonderful memories will remain in their hearts for long years.


Mateusz Malina:

“The internship was for me a great experience. I met wonderful people and I learned more than I expected. I got on really well with the coworkers and I felt like I have been working there for much longer time. I learned a lot about Spanish kitchen and I practiced languages”.

Patrycja Ćwiąkała:

“The internship in the restaurant was excellent. The staff had very positive atitude towards me and even when I made a mistake, they explained, so I could get better. Working there was very good experience”.

Sylwia Chlebek:

“I enjoyed my internship very much. The people were great. We did not speak in the same language and in spite of that they gave me a lot of attention and always showed me understanding. I learned much about Spanish coulture and I tried many Spanish dishes”.



Project Details

Project Title: Europejskie podróże po wiedzę i doświadczenie zawodowe - staże zagraniczne
Project Number: 2016-1-PL01-KA102-024300
Number of participants: 16
City & country: Krosno (Poland)

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