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About This Project

In March 2017 we were happy to welcome an enthusiastic group of 12 trainees from Belgium. These enthusiastic youngsters spent three weeks in Seville broadening their professional knowledge about IT, management, tourism and admin. They thereby had the opportunity to improve their English, to learn some basic Spanish during interactive classes and to discover the wonderful sites of Andalusia.


During their intership their main tasks included the following:


  • Reading electrical diagrams, electronic, pneumatic/ hydraulic (electro pneumatic/ electro)
  • Dismantling, reassembly and replacing of simple electrical, electronic and mechanical components
  • Accompany the representative of the real estate agency to show the different properties to the potential buyers
  • Pick up and place the sale or rental posters at the different properties that are being promoted
  • Opening cases of merchandise and sort all products
  • Contacting hotel booking websites in case of any queries recurring customer`s problems
  • Taking notes of guests’ concerns and paying attention to special requests in a personal but also a professional way
  • Determining the cause of the fault and the required spare parts for intervention


After hours, the trainees also took part in several cultural activities such as a bike tour across Seville, tapas night and an exciting trip to Cordoba.



Bieke Dehertefelt:

‘For my internship I worked at a travel agency together with my French/Spanish collegues. I learned a lot there and my Spanish, French and English have all improved. Together with Natasha, a collegue, I was responsible for the facebook and instagram. It was really nice to see how you can make your company popular in social media and I learned some interesting things. This internship was very good for me and I liked the atmospere at my workplace!


Gianni op de Weerdt:

‘I have gained a lot of new experiences during my international internship here in Sevilla (Spain). I have become more independent, especially both on a personal and professional level. The people at my internship could not speak English so I had to talk Spanish right from the start. That was difficult but after a while it went better and better and we were able to have more conversations. It was an incredible experience that I will never forget. I recommend this to everyone. It is a one in a lifetime experience’.



Project Details

Project Title: SUI-Abroad - Sterk in ondernemen! Join us in learning!
Project Number: 2015-1-BE02-KA102-012125
Number of participants: 12
City & country: Lier (Belgium)

All Projects, Business Administration, IT, Marketing, Tourism