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About This Project

In April of 2017, we were happy to welcome a very enthusiastic group of 18 trainees from Poland. They made their way to Seville in order to take part in a month-long internship at different electronically-oriented host companies across the city. During their stay the managed to greatly improve both the professional and linguistic skills which will prove very useful in their future job search.


During their internship, their main tasks included the following:


  • Locating defects in the parts and components of a vehicle.
  • Selecting and using measurement instruments and diagnostic equipment in vehicles.
  • Using diagnostic computers and oscilloscopes in the workplace.
  • Learning to test, diagnose and repair electronic circuit boards.
  • Performing preventive maintenance, cleaning, and lubrication of electronic equipment
  • Performing basic service and repair activities related to car servicing, i.e.: oil and filter change, defective parts replacement, washing of engine and other car components.
  • Car body repairing i.e. welding, brazing, riveting, sheet metal and profiles bonding, assembly and disassembly of car body components and chassis.
  • Removing and disassembling units such as engines, transmissions or differentials, to be repaired, using hand tools and power tools.


But after hours, however, they still had plenty of time to take part a whole rang of interactive and cultural activities: they took part in a visit to Betis football stadium, Seville’s bullring, and cultural trips to Cadiz and Malaga. They event went as far as to submerge themselves into the Spanish language and culture during a 20-hour practical course with our amazing tutor.


Kamil Jachymczak

Kamil Jachymczak:

‘My name is Kamil Jachymczak and I am from Skoczow. My internship takes place at a local car dealer and I am working with cars like Audi, Volkswagen and Seat. I enjoy working here and I am learning new things all the time. My teacher is helpful and positive. The work atmosphere is great and I like working here. I am really satisfied with this entire experience.’

Damian Kuczera 1

Damian Kuczera:
‘My name is Damian Kuczera and I am from Skoczów. I am doing my practical training at a local garage holder. I really like the work environment here and every day I am leaving for work with a smile on my face. I am working with different types of cars and famous brands. My tutor is very nice and helpful and I am learning new things on a daily basis. The entire internship is great.’



Project Details

Project Title: Zagraniczne praktyki zawodowe drogą do sukcesu na Europejskim rynku pracy
Project Number: 2015-1-PL01-KA102-014738
Number of participants: 18
City & country: Skoczów (Poland)

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