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About This Project

In March a group of 10 students from Malbork, were hosted by euroMind in Malaga to gain a 4-weeks internship as mechatronics engineers and electricians.
Each student got a unique experience, they were working in three different companies and positions.


In the electronic and mechatronic fields, students had to control all needed materials, tools and other working equipment and preparing the worksite. They learned how to install automatic access control systems and assist in the installation of the electrical systems in private houses and companies’ buildings. They also experienced reparation of metal and automatic doors, including the cutting of metal sheets, tubes or electric cables. In that way, students had the opportunity to improve their skills in reparing and installing components of the light system by applying appropriate techniques and procedures.


Trainees were traveling around the Andalusia region. They were lucky to visit several places where they could experienced culture and history of Southern Spain. At first, they discovered the Malaga city center. Malaga is one of the oldest cities in the world. The tour passed by ruins from The Roman, Moorish and Christian civilizations including various monuments of the city.


A journey to Córdoba, a city in Andalusia, was also taken by the trainees. In the eighth century, Muslim soldiers seized the city, which became the capital of the Islamic Emirate of Córdoba, which included most of the Iberian Peninsula. Córdoba was the world’s most populated city and the center of education in the 10th century, with numerous libraries, medical schools, and universities.


Students also went to Seville, southern Spain’s artistic, cultural, and financial hub. The city is a historical marvel with mosques, gardens, and flamenco festivals. They rapidly realized that Seville’s well-preserved landmarks, such as the Cathedral and Giralda, the imperial Alcázar, and the General Archive of the Indies, are all UNESCO World Heritage sites.


In addition of these two cities, students did a trip to Caminito del Rey. The walkway in El Chorro, near Ardales in the province of Málaga, Spain, is pinned along the steep sides of a tiny ravine. Those who are not afraid of heights could wander along the Caminito del Rey’s boardwalks and marvel at this magnificent natural valley.


Trainees participated to a beach cleaning in Torremolinos and Monte Victoria in Málaga. The goal of this activity was to raise awarness about pollution. The two different places were not chosen by accident. In fact, the students were accommodated in Torremolinos and the cleaning of the local beach was a nice gesture on their part for their temporary residence. The choice of Mount Victoria was motivated by the fact that Santa María de la Victoria is the patron saint of the city of Málaga and her symbology is of high importance for this region and local community. So, the group of students went to both places carrying bags, gloves and motivation to make a change.


Students get appropriate Spanish courses with our Spanish teacher, we put focus on practice, thus during classes students play a lot, because we think the game is the best teacher. Dynamic and practical are two qualities that come to mind while describing Spanish classes. As a result, the pupils had to write an exam after a period of intensive and difficult study. All of the participants received excellent grades!


Wojciech Chorążyczewski

Erasmus plus was a great time for me. I work at a construction site as an electrician. Getting to the
workplace is easy. There is a nice atmosphere in the company, everyone is helpful. Our internship
supervisor tries to communicate with us in every way to best explain to us the task to be done. My
duties include helping to perform electrical work. I am satisfied with this place of internship.
In my free time I made new friends, visited many beautiful places, and had a lot of fun. I will always
remember the experience of spending four weeks in Spain.


Jakub Ziółkowski

I found my monthly internship in Erasmus plus programme in Malaga very successful and positive.
In our company, we help colleagues in their daily activities, including repairing diving equipment
and repairing machines. The atmosphere at work is very friendly. We gain a lot of new knowledge
and skills.
We spend our free time exploring the surrounding towns and, in the evenings, we play billiards. At
weekends, interesting trips to nearby cities are organized, for example to Cordoba or Seville. The
hotel where we are staying is situated close to the sea and not far from the centre.


Jan Kolczyński

Malaga is a beautiful city; I like it very much. The atmosphere at work is amazing. The co-workers
greeted us with a smile on their face. They will always help us when we cannot do something. We
learn a lot about our job as electricians. I really like it here. Taking part in Erasmus plus was a great
opportunity and I will never forget it. In my free time I try to visit many interesting places. My
favourite place was Monte Victoria with its amazing view. After an active day, I like to play billiards
with my friends. I wish I will be able to visit Malaga again in the future.




Project Details

Project Titl: Współcześni Kolumbowie. Zagraniczna praktyka zawodowa w kolebce kultury iberyjskiej
Project Number: 2021-1-PL01-KA122-VET-000018498
Number of participants: 10
Country: Poland, Malbork

All Projects, Electricians, Mechatronic engineering