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About This Project

At the beginning of March, 15 motivated Croatian students came to Seville in order to take part in an interesting traineeship with regards to renewable solar energy. During their two-week stay they got the chance to majorly improve their professional skills as well as expanding their knowledge.

Their tasks mainly included the following:

  • Calculating energy requirement
  • Calculating the consumption of electric energy
  • Defining components of solar photovoltaic projects
  • Work in AutoCAD – designing solar photovoltaic projects using AutoCAD
  • Considering the conditions and the needs of a client
  • Montage of the photovoltaic system components, checking if the system works properly
  • Montage of a small solar plant connected to the electrical power network
  • Montage of irrigation system using solar energy
  • Montage of electric circuit with a sensor floodlight

The students gave it their all at work and managed to combine their enthusiasm and their profuse talent in order to successfully complete their internship. But apart from their determination at work, there was still enough time left for them to enjoy the beautiful sights of Seville.


Nikola  Kovacic:

‘Firstly, we were happy because we chose to come to Sevilla and now we are here, ours dreams have come true. We knew we would learn a lot of new things and meet lots of new people. We went to the solar energy course on a daily basis, but during our spare time afterwards we got to do a lot of interesting things, such as taking a tour in a tour of the city and we came into contact with the Spanish culture which is different from ours. This trip has been a special experience!’

Ivan Milardovic:

‘The project is amazing for new generations of students like us. We can gain a lot of experience whilst being here. I think I’m really lucky because not many students who have my age can leave Croatia in order to study abroad. This  opportunity should be offered to every student out there. This course taught me new skills and now I know how to work with solar panels in practice.’



Project Details

Project Number: 2015-1-HR01-KA102-012946
Number of participants: 15
City & country: Split (Croatia)

All Projects, Renewable energies