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About This Project

In February  2018, we had the pleasure to host 5 teachers from Valpovo (Croatia), who came to Seville to compare the local teaching methods with their own.



During their training they were able to:

– to learn different methodologies for developing new tools and applications for learning in order to improve quality of VET education
– to analyze and compare school curriculums in Croatian and Spain
– to understand Spanish educational system of VET schools and education in general
– to improve interaction between teachers and students
– to identify importance of international cooperation in such projects
– to improve own skills as a teacher
– to meet present-day techniques and methods of using social networking and online applications for improving communications with students and colleagues in own school and partner schools
-“marketing” tools to make VET schools more attractive to students

It was also important to gain greater awareness of European citizenship, mobility, training and work, leading to greater openness of horizons, as well as to improve language skills. They discovered Spanish culture during such activities as Tapas Night, Seville Bike Tour or while admiring a Flamenco Show.



The experience has been very positive and interesting for all parties and we were very happy with their stay.



Project Details

Project Title: New technology at labour market (NEWTECH @lab)
Project Number: N.º 2017 - 1 - HR01 - HA102 - 035011
Number of participants: 5
City & country: Volpovo (Croatia)

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