Job Shadowing: 2 professionals from Croatia participated in a project about Renewable energy in Seville | Euromind
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About This Project

For one week in January 2019, 2 professionals from Croatia, stayed in Seville to see how the state schools function. During their four study visits, they observed the equipment, workshops with a few different domains, like chemistry, mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, energy efficiency. Professionals had an opportunity to differ the system of Spanish schools with the ones in their country.

Overall, they were satisfied with the project. They increased knowledge in different teaching ways and knowledge of foreign languages (English and Spanish). They learned how to use different innovative equipment used in Spanish and took some ideas on how to improve our classes. During the projects professionals were able:

  • To learn different methodologies for developing new tools and applications for learning in order to improve quality of VET education
  • To analyze and compare school curriculum and techniques in Croatia and Spain
  • To understand Spanish educational system of VET schools and their schooling system in general
  • To identify the importance of international cooperation in such projects
  • To improve own skills as a teacher and thus improve the interaction between students and teachers
  • To improve their language abilities and verify their knowledge
  • To learn how to better intertwine theory and practice by observing the classes and students’ work ethic

´´This project is a great opportunity to share experience with teachers from another school, see their way of solving some problems and learning new ways of using equipment for teaching. Also, this project is very good to improve English language skills and learn basics of local (Spanish) language. With a new language we also met new culture and the way of living. The most important thing in this project is an organization and it was on a high level!´´



Project Details

Project Title: Nove vjestine za buducnost
Project Number: 2018-1-HR01- KA102-046978
Number of participants: 2
Country: Croatia

All Projects, Renewable energies, VET Teachers