Group from Poland got to experience IT, administrative and hotel industry in Sevilla | Euromind
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About This Project

By the turn of November we got to host another group from Poland. This time we had students at different positions, varying from IT technicians, administrative workers to receptionists or housekeepers in the hotel industry. They were working in places like:

  • Hotels and hostels, where our students helped out with the maintenance or front desk responsibilities to make sure they would ensure complete satisfaction of the hotel guests.
  •  IT companies, specialising in maintenance and repair as much as for example the retail of computers or different types of electronic products. Students undertook tasks like installing, assembling or upgrading hardware or dismantled or reassembled the mechanical components.
  • Teaching agencies, where they undertook mainly administrative tasks. They needed to provide customer service in a professional, courteous and friendly manner. They were working with Office Packages, helped sorting out invoices, receipts and payments or prepared necessary documentation and materials.

Their jobs were various and the group got a chance to try many different activities. Not only they worked hard in the companies, but also had enough free time to properly experience the wonderful Spanish atmosphere. They travelled to Malaga and Cádiz, beautiful cities located within a few hour drive from Sevilla. Sightseeing, tasting local cuisine, experiencing Spanish culture or practicing their newly acquired Spanish skills were among many activities they were able to do there. Their program was very rich and thus we hope very fruitful for our participants. They left with wonderful memories and we have a feeling that it was not their last time in picturesque España!



Kamila Magdalena  Skarupa:

We were Working in a Hostel. Despite that the touristic season has ended, there were still so many tourists, even from Poland. Among our responsibilities we had preparing bed sheets for the room, breakfast service, customer service at the front desk like check-out, check-in, payment, issuance keys, print mails, acceptance reservations, preparing invoices in checking payments. We worked in a bar too, one time we prepared paella before flamenco. This is really interesting work, we met a lot of people from all around the world, practiced our English and Spanish with them. We really took a lot from our internship.


Patryk  Gańczorz:

I worked in a company, proving diagnostic and electronic service. I fixed laptops and PCs. We were also changing matrices, removing systems loops, cleaning operating systems and checking temperature of components. We installed drivers and replaced thermal paste.
Employer was really nice and cared about us, he was also very helpful, patient and we communicated in English without any further problems. I am very satisfied with this internship.



Project Details

Project Title: Staże zagraniczne drogą do międzynarodowej kariery
Project Number: 2017-1-PL01-KA102-036458
Number of participants: 20
City & country: Czerwionka-Leszczyny (Poland)