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About This Project

Kalimera! In January 2017, our Ubeda team had the pleasure to welcome this group of 10 Greek trainees. Alle carried out a three-week internship in the car or electricity sector, working as car mechanics, hot-and-cold assistants, maintenance team assistants and working on air conditioning. They fulfilled tasks such as:


  • Disassembling, assembling and replacing removable components of the vehicle
  • Repairing and replacing the windshields of the vehicle
  • Maintaining basic elements of the suspension system and wheels, as well as transmission and braking system.
  • Checking the condition and the status of heating, ventilation and air-conditioning systems
  • Performing corrective and preventive services of maintenance for different types of equipment
  • Installing high performance boilers such as condensing boilers, biomass boilers, air-water heat pump that exchanges heat with a hydraulic circuit


During their free time, the trainees had the opportunity to learn their first Spanish words and sentences during their classes, and to visit the city.


We are sure the trainees will greatly benefit from their newly acquired skills and competences and hope they have a pleasant memory of their stay in Spain!


Konstantinos Papandreou1

Konstantinos Papandreou:

‘I liked a lot my work placement. I learnt a lot of new things, for example how to repair and install air conditions, coffee machines and kitchen gas installations. My team mates were very friendly and always helpful. It was great experience.’

Konstantinos Manouras

Konstantinos Manouras:

‘It was good experience. I had possibility to compare Spanish and Greek work system. My team mates were friendly and helpful.’



Project Details

Project Title: WorkBaL@EU (Work Based Learning at European Union)
Project Number: 20161-EL01-KA102-02314
Number of participants: 10
City & country: Tirnavos (Greece)

All Projects, Car mechanics, Electricians, Electronics