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About This Project

In July 2021, our Seville team to welcome a group of 22 Polish trainees from Dzierżoniów. They stayed for a four-week practical training in the sector of logistics, geodesy, administration and gardeners, where they could improve their skills and knowledge.




The logisticians have learned to organize products in the store and in the warehouse areas. They also assisted in assembling the necessary delivery devices. The geodesists learned to plan the stages of a topographic project and to create topographic bases. They also got know know different instruments used to create a Digital Terrain Model.



The administrative workers learned how to maintain and manage inventory control of materials and supplies. Moreover, they got to know how to deal with financial documents and process invoices, receipts, and payments.
The gardeners acquire abilities to hoe, weed, dig, mow a lawn, prun plants and hedges and checking the condition of plants.



The group had to opportunity went to “tapas night” to try typical Spanish dishes. The euromind team took trainees to a local bar located at plaza de Alfalfa, one of the most sociable areas in the city, and let them experience a little bit of the typically Spanish cheerful atmosphere while getting to know Andalusian cuisine. Another night trainees took part in a workshop about cooking paella, traditional spanish dish with rice, seafood and vegetables. Then, students and teachers could enjoy having a meal in a nice, cozy atmosphere.



Another activity that the group took part in was a bike tour around Sevilla, which is perfect for using this mean of transport with its flat streets and long bike lanes. The tour started in the picturesque Maria Luisa Park and continued through the main places in the city for around three hours, in the warmth of afternoon sunshine. The group had a chance to learn about the history and legends of Seville, as the tour was led by a guide coming originally from Andalucia.



The students also took part in a ceramics workshop in the ceramics studio. They could learn about the rich history of Seville’s ceramic tradition. The tutor showed them the main techniques of ceramic decoration which were created in the famous district of Triana. After a short introduction, each participant tried to make a ceramic tile of their own using one of the traditional techniques presented previously. As a souvenir from Seville to Poland, they could bring azulejos, traditional tiles handmade by them.



The trainees had the opportunity to visit Cadiz, Tavira and Matalascañas Beach, all of them located near the Ocean. While being in Cadiz and Tavira, the students could discover a little bit of its history and walk around, whilst in Matalascañas Beach they swam and sunbathed, enjoy the summer weather and beautiful views.



Coming to Seville was a great experience for the students to learn their future professions from a different point of view and get to know the spanish culture. It surely was a worth-remembering experience for all of them.


Mikołaj Tokarski

My internship abroad in Seville (Spain) with Erasmus + is one of the best adventures I have ever had. In addition to the work that satisfied me very much, I also managed to visit a lot. The atmosphere in the residence was very friendly and I was missing nothing. It is worth going on such an unforgettable adventure.


Kacper Kowalski

The internship allowed me to gain knowledge in the field of geodesy. The internship tutor was a competent and kind person, willing to help. The experience gained will help me in my future job. Thanks to my participation in the project, I gained professional experience and unforgettable memories.

Natalia Trela

During my Erasmus+ internship in Spain I learned a lot. The apprenticeships corresponded to my professional field. Thanks to the internship abroad I gained experience in and I could shape my skills of languages. Anyone who is unsure should choose it, because it would be a wonderful, unpredictable adventure.



Project Details

Project Title: Zagraniczna praktyka zawodowa inwestycją w przyszłość
Project Number: 2019-1-PL01-KA102-062373
Number of participants: 22
City & country: Dzierżoniów (Poland)

All Projects, Business Administration, Gardening, Geodetic Surveying, Logistics