French students came to Spain to gain more knowledge in the field of medical laboratory | Euromind
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About This Project

A group of students from France come to Málaga to gain more experience in medical laboratories. They had to put theirselves to the test and faced a lot of new responsabilities and tasks such as:

– Removing residues, sterilizing and performing maintenance work on machinery and laboratory equipment
– Saving and analyzing the results of research and experiments
– Getting to know the tools, equipment, and technologies used in the laboratory
– Identifying and analyzing gases and sewage polluting the environment
– Preparing materials and equipment for sampling, the adaptation of samples
– Sample monitoring
– Assisting in physicochemical research of sewage: pH, conductivity, suspended particles and fats and others
– Assisting in microbiological studies of activated sludge
– Getting acquainted with the different analysis laboratory
Moreover, during students stay they were not only working and learning but also, they could experience Spanish culture. Students had a short and dynamic Spanish language course, Málaga tour and also had trips to other cities like Cadiz, Gibraltar, Granada, Seville, where our tour guides made their trips more enjoyable!


Laurine Lallemand

I really liked my tutor. I could learn a lot and practice my theoretical knowledge which is very important for my exams. Málaga is a beautiful city and I really enjoy my time here participating in the cultural activities and trips. Moreover, it is very fun learning a new language. I think It’s a very important experience.

Maeva Cadet

I am satified with my trainship, I can practice a lot of different things because my coworkers trust in me. I really put myself to the test and I learn to be more confident. Moreover, I like learning a new language and spend my time visiting Málaga and all the others beautiful cities of Andalusia.



Project Details

Project Title: Carta Ersamus Prácticas BTS ABM
Project Number: F9E4DA9A714112A4
Number of participants: 2
Country: France, Toulouse

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Medical Laboratory