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About This Project

In March a group of 21 students from Craiova, Romania, were hosted by euroMind in Malaga to gain a 3-weeks internship as mechanicians, IT technicians and welders.
Each student got a unique experience, they were working in different companies and positions.


The car mechanic trainees gained experience in diagnosing faults and repairing vehicles. They learnt how to install and replace car air conditioning units as well as other basic repair and maintenance activities such as oil and filter changes. They used diagnostic computers to identify faults and used manual and power tools to disassemble, repair and then reassemble car parts. They were also in charge of checking the condition of shock absorbers, checking and removing batteries from the car, helping with the diagnosis of the exhaust system, providing proper care of the car, helping with changing the timing belt and much more.


On the other hand, IT technicians were able to develop and enrich their knowledge in the field of hardware by having the opportunity to repair, replace, examine and diagnostic hardware. In this way, they learned how to do a checking for the electrical connections of the various hardware components but also recognize the different components in a computer.


Finally, in the metallurgy field, students had to use traditional hand tools such as hammers, punches and tongs or anvils. In order to cut metal sheets, trainees learned how to bend and fold the metal, both in hot and cold way. They practiced their knowledge on several materials, such as steel, iron, copper and bronze to make decorative and everyday items. They improved their capacities to work with these materials by learning filing and mechanical punching techniques but also how to join metals together using various blacksmithing methods.


Trainees were traveling around the Andalusia region. They were lucky to visit several places where they could experienced culture and history of Southern Spain. At first, they discovered the Malaga city center. Malaga is one of the oldest cities in the world. The tour passed by ruins from The Roman, Moorish and Christian civilizations including The Roman Theatre, The Alcazaba, The Cathedral of Malaga and St. Johns Church.


In Malaga, the group spent a pleasant afternoon going on a cruise aboard the sailing catamaran Mundo Marino to learn a little about the Malaga coast and enjoy the view of the city centre from a different perspective, away from the crowded beaches. During this one hour-long boat trip alongside the breath-taking port and bay of Malaga, the students enjoyed a wonderful panoramic view of the city and, if they were so lucky, the students were able to enjoy the company of the city’s favourite inhabitants: a pod of dolphins!


A journey to Córdoba, a city in Andalusia, was also taken by the trainees. In the eighth century, Muslim soldiers seized the city, which became the capital of the Islamic Emirate of Córdoba, which included most of the Iberian Peninsula. Córdoba was the world’s most populated city and the center of education in the 10th century, with numerous libraries, medical schools, and universities.


Students get appropriate Spanish courses with our Spanish teacher, we put focus on practice, thus during classes students play a lot, because we think the game is the best teacher. Dynamic and practical are two qualities that come to mind while describing Spanish classes. As a result, the pupils had to write an exam after a period of intensive and difficult study. All of the participants received excellent grades!



For me it was a very nice experience. At the company I learned new and interesting things about my job. My colleague at the firm was a very funny man and made me overcome my fear since the first days.


This experience was amazing, I managed to learn so many interesting things about computers and computer systems. We had a fantastic team that knew how to adapt to their way of working and make us integrate very quickly! In a word, it was wonderful! I will come again any time!


It was a very nice experience that gave me the chance to know how to work in a Spanish company, with equipment such a company has. I left with a very good impression of the Spanish way of working, they are serious, but also joking, very soulful. They integrated me and my 3 other colleagues immediately into their team, they were very friendly. I have integrated many very good things both for my future and for the future of my work. I am really happy to have been in this project in Malaga.




Project Details

Project Titl:
Project Number:2021-1- RO01-KA121-VET-000011688
Number of participants: 21
Country: Romania, Craiova

All Projects, Car mechanics, Electricians, IT, Welder