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About This Project

Eighteen students from Warsaw came to Úbeda for a four-week internship. They worked as electricians, electronics and IT technicians. The electricians got to travel around the province of Jaen to carry out installations and repairs. The electronics helped to repair and install electronic equipment, working businesses from a wide range of sectors, including cars, sound systems and household appliances. Finally, the IT technicians learned how to use new software and carried out tasks using what they´d learned.


In their free time, they explored the local area and learned more about Spanish culture. They had a tapas night where they tried the local olive oil and Spanish specialities such as chorizo and jamón.


The trainees also had a trip to Malaga which they really enjoyed. They saw the sights, such as the cathedral and the Alcazaba, before spending the rest of the day relaxing by the beach and swimming in the sea.


We hope that our trainees had a wonderful time in Úbeda and have gained lots of experience that has helped them to develop their skills in their professions.


Jakub Bartosiak

I liked my internship a lot. I had a great tutor who always had jobs for me and he was also willing to help and open to any questions.  What I liked the most about my internship was that I was able to learn new things that may be useful to me in the future.  I learned many things, including how to install alarms in different cars and how to replace a damaged radio antenna on the car roof. My tutor passed onto me his passion for cars and their radio and alarm systems.  In short, I really liked my job and I’m happy that I could participate in this project.


Bartosz Staniec

I liked my internship a lot. Every day I learned new things and gained experience as an electrician. My job was to repair power tools, motors and many other machines. I tried to do my job carefully and always be prepared. My boss even told me that in the future I will be a great mechanic.


Dawid Jabłoński

I was happy with the work placement, the company was well managed and all of the people working there were very nice and understanding, especially both my mentors who told me what to do. If I didn’t understand something they made the effort to use a translator. I learned quite a few simple Spanish words. Sometimes I told them how to say something in Polish and it was always fun. I also learned some new skills from the work that I did (some magazine/storage work and some TV/speaker systems installations). I really think that I couldn’t have been assigned to a better company.




Project Details

Project Title: Z dobrą praktyką w przyszłość.
Project Number: 2019-1-PL01-KA102-064452
Number of participants: 18
Country: Poland, Warsaw

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