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About This Project

16 students from Technikum Ekonomiczne w Szczecinie spent three weeks in sunny Málaga gaining experience in the logistics and publicity professions.


The students began their adventure abroad by being introduced to their host companies, after which they were introduced to their tasks and responsibilities. They could always count on the advice and support of their tutors at the workplace. Students from the logistics sector were able to test themselves by working in Spanish shops, warehouses and organisations that help people in need, thus not only gaining the opportunity to put their theoretical knowledge of logistics into practice, but also to contribute to doing good.


The publicity students were active in local marketing companies, helping to create advertising material for clients or assisting with outdoor photo shoots, among other things. How exciting!


In their free time, the students studied Spanish on a language course and explored the region. Among other things, they visited Gibraltar and took part in a workshop on preparing paella.


We are glad we could be there with you!


Błażej Sowiński

I am very thankful for the trip to Spain. It allowed me to visit beautiful places such as Gibraltar and Cordoba. I learned about Spanish culture through an internship in a very nice company with three very nice Spanish women. In addition, I was able to learn Spanish. I appreciated the commitment of the coordinators who were helpful and answered my questions every time. We had some free time, so we were able to spend it at the pool and visiting interesting places in Torremolinos. Thank you for the opportunity to participate in this program!

Bartosz Jach

My trip to Malaga was so great. My work had an amazing atmosphere and the people that worked there made our time even more worth while. In my free time I loved spending my time at the pool and the beach, i also liked sunbathing. My favourite trip was to Giblartar where we walked up a mountain. The best part of the trip was when i got to hold a monkey on my shoulder i was so happy! The people at euromind were a great help whenever we had a problem. I wish i could come back to Malaga one day!



Project Details

Project title: Dobry zawód dobra praca
Project Number: 2020-1-PL01- KA102-080246
Number of participants: 16
Country: Szczecin, Poland

All Projects, Logistics, Marketing
Logistics, marketing, Publicity