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About This Project

24 students from Turek, Poland, arrived in Málaga in April for a two-week apprenticeship as hairdressers and logisticians. As well as learning new professional skills, they’ve also been studying the language of their host country and explored the Costa del Sol area.


The students worked in a variety of hair salons, specialising in updos, men’s hairdressing, colouring and beauty treatments. The logisticians, meanwhile, gained new experience in shops, warehouses and transport companies, among others, where they were given an insight into what some aspects of their future profession look like. The students agree that participating in this project, in these apprenticeships, has given them a new perspective on their opportunities and prospects.


During free time, there was no shortage of trips to the beach or relaxing by the pool. What’s more, Málaga’s rich cultural offerings awakened the students’ desire to interact with art, which led them to visit the Picasso Museum, among others. They also admired the sunset from one of the hills surrounding Málaga and went kayaking. There was also time for further excursions – in the form of a trip to Cádiz, where the students were captivated by the atmospheric old town and the blue of the ocean. The students also attended a Spanish language course, which ended with an exam, which was passed with flying colours!


We are sure that the two weeks spent in Málaga exceeded everyone’s expectations and resulted in many adventures, new friendships and many unforgettable moments that will always remain in the participants’ memories!


Julia Przybylska

The internships were held in a nice atmosphere, I learned a lot from them. I gained useful skills in the profession of a logistics technician. Thanks to the project, I improved my English and Spanish skills. In my free time, I visited Torremolinos and Malaga, I often went to the beach and the swimming pool by the hotel. I also visited Cádiz and had a wonderful day kayaking in Nerja. Spain will always be nice to remember, I would certainly recommend participation in the project to others and if there was an opportunity, I would use it again.

Bartosz Krzykacz

This opportunity allowed me to experience and embrace the workplace culture and the day-to-day life of the Spanish coastal cities. During my short but intense time spent working at a local store, I’ve learned the basics of warehousing and inventory management (receiving and accepting shipments, assigning the incoming cargo to the appropriate places, and the stock-taking) and interacted with local residents. Taking part in this project allowed me to visit beautiful places while polishing my language skills and those relating to the field of logistics. I strongly recommend taking part in internships like this because it provides lifelong memories and the educational opportunities that are very hard to come by.

Kinga Zając

During my practice, I learned a lot of new things related to hairdressing, for example cutting hair with a Chinese knife and other different types of haircuts, colouring, as well as customer service. The staff of the salon was very nice and understanding to me, always helpful, they also allowed me to perform treatments on clients, they trusted me. Customers coming to the salon always left it satisfied. This means that I found the best specialist. I am grateful to the employer for teaching me so much in such a short time. It was my first trip abroad, I will never forget the moments I spent there, the people and places I met. I will certainly come back to Spain as soon as possible.



Project Details

Project Title: Kontynuacja i Rozwój
Project Number: 2020-1-PL01- KA102-079769
Number of participants: 24
Country: Turek, Poland

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Hairdresser, Logistics