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About This Project

In April of 2017, 16 motivated Croatian trainees made their long trip to Seville in order to take part in a groundbreaking and unique practical training course on drones. Given that Spain is one of the most prominent drone constructors and distributors on the international market, the trainees received a lot of new insights into this field of study. They improved their professional skills while also constantly applying their priorly-gained knowledge as they built their own drones during their two-week ling traineeship. Their main tasks included the following:


  • Welding process with tin before putting it into practice on the assembly.
  • Building a drone from scratch.
  • Using Arduino with JAVA, from Eclipse and knowledge of API.
  • Creating a joystick to control the drone flight. Multimeter presentation on LCD screen.
  • Controlling a drone using different types of movements, flight modes, configuration, etc.
  • Calibrating the drone and outdoor flight.


The trainees still had plenty of time after their work to enjoy the beautiful city of Seville and its neighbouring cities. They also took part in a Seville tour across the city and they went on an exciting trip to the gorgeous seasides of Cadiz.



Josip Pejic:

‘For me Seville is beautiful city, I like everything about it. Whatever I need I can buy that in one of the local stores. People in Seville are very kind but hardly no-one speaks any English. Our room in hostel is pretty good, and honestly, I did not expect that.
Places in Seville are very beautiful, and I visited almost everyting there is to see.
I also learned a few Spanish words which were quite useful in the day-to-day communication.
Our training course was very fun and I also learned some new things.’


Ivica Matic:

‘These weeks in Seville were great. We fully assembled our drone from scratch and test flew it at the office and outside. Also we have visited a lot of cultural places, and we went on a trip to Cadiz, where we had the opportunity to take nice photos and swim in the Atlantic sea. But it is hard to communicate here since hardly anyone speaks English. I hope to visit Seville again very soon.’



Project Details

Project Title: Education for New Energy Technologies
Project Number: 2016-1-HR01-KA102-021691
Number of participants: 16
City & country: Slavonski Brod (Croatia)

All Projects, Construction, Electronics