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About This Project

In September 2019, a group of 16 students from Poland spent two amazing weeks working as e-buggy technicians. While completing their internship, they had a chance to know Spain through a number of activities provided by the euroMind team.


The main responsibilities of young interns were manufacturing and adjusting different elements of the vehicle as well as quality control of the steering and brake system. They dealt with fabrication of the illumination parts, solar battery charger, solar panel and wiring system according to a sketch. As e-buggy technicians, the group from Glogow also checked the battery and wiring and tested the engine controller.


Additionally, the interns had an opportunity to learn Spanish in a fun way thanks to the euroMind team. They visited different places in Seville during the Seville Tour and Tapas Night. The group also went on a one-day trip to Cadiz, a city located by the ocean from where Christopher Columbus started the expedition aimed at discovering new lands.



Piotr Struzik

During our two weeks in Seville we built an electric car from scratch. It was an unforgettable experience and I definitely learnt a lot.

Kamil Wachal

I worked hard but also had a lot of fun in the workshop with other students and our tutors. I definitely learnt a lot in those two weeks.




Project Details

Project Title: Mobilność-technologia-wiedza. Rozwój praktyk zawodowych w Zespole Szkół Politechnicznych w Głogowie
Project Number: 2018-1-PL01-KA102-047595
Number of participants: 16
Country: Poland, Głogów

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Electricians, Operating, Technology