December in Spain - two weeks with new technologies | Euromind
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About This Project

At the beginning of December, a group of 16 students from Głogów, Poland, arrived in Málaga for their two-week internship in mechatronics and mechanics.


The students worked in two groups. One was learning how to use 3D printers, design and 3D modelling. The other focused on 3D printing in terms of machining, hand programming and designing 3D parts using CAD and CAM software.


The students were accommodated in the Euromind residence during their stay in Malaga.


It was an exceptionally intensive two weeks, as, in addition to their internship, the students attended a 15-hour Spanish language course.


In their free time – of which there was not that much – they went on an excursion to Mijas, where they admired the beautiful panorama of the coast, and to Benalmadena, where they visited the Colomares Castle – a monument built in honour of Christopher Columbus.


The second trip was to Granada, where they had the opportunity to walk through the narrow beautiful streets of the Albaicín district and visit the stunning Alhambra.


Although it was only two weeks, we hope that the students managed to fall in love with Spain and will want to come back.


Igor Biliński

A trip to Spain at this young age was thrilling on its own. The added fact that we were sharpening our skills and practicing important techniques used in our profession was amazing. We learned a lot of new skills and responsibilities that are essential in our line of work. Malaga is a very different city than any in Poland, the culture, people, and structure of the city and how it functions are very unusual to me and left me speechless, in a good way of course. I was lucky to be on such an amazing adventure where I could learn so much not only about my line of work but also about different cultures and countries.

Patryk Jurdziński

I have decided to go there to develop my programming skills. Working with such an advanced software as Arduino and having the ability to use programming equipment was the best experience that I and my colleagues have ever had. Also, our Spanish lessons were the best choice to practice this language so we could take it to the next level. At the weekend we have seen the sights of Alhambra Castle and went to Mijas. The view from there was incredible. I loved the city and my visit there.



Project Details

Project Number: 2020-1-PL01-KA120-VET-096155
Number of participants: 16
Country: Głogów, Poland

All Projects, Car mechanics, Mechatronic engineering
3D, Mechanics, mechatronics