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About This Project

Ten students from Libverda (Czech Republic), spent their time in Seville in June 2018, for a three-weeks traineeship as Horse Breeder Assistant, Animal care Assistant and Veterinary Health Auxiliaries. During their formative experience, they had the chance to acquire more knowledge and develop their professional abilities in the fields of Veterinary and AnimalCare. They carried out several tasks, such as:



  • Feeding, watering and taking care of animals
  • Examining, analyzing, administering medicaments and provide post-operative care to the animals
  • Cleaning, disinfecting  and sterilizing cages, stables and work areas
  • Taking out, riding and brushing horses,
  • Monitoring the condition of animals and recognizing and resolving any behavioral problems.



Furthermore, they learned and improved their knowledge of the Spanish language through a Spanish course. They also had the opportunity to discover the historical, cultural and multi-ethnical aspects of Seville during a Seville Tour and visiting Metropol Parasol and a did some sports activities, such as a kayak tour along Guadalquivir river banks. They could also have a great time during their trips to Tavira (Portugal) and Cádiz, where they enjoyed not only the cities but a small sunbath on the beach.

We hope that our trainees had fun and that they learned many things that will be useful for their future work and private life.


Dominika Vet clinDominika Lubasová

My experience in Spain, has been unforgettable. I met a lot of great people, whether it is about vet, Natalie and or Spanish teacher Maria. Everyone treated us very nice. It was one of the best experiences in my life and I am very happy that I could be a part of this project. I learned at the clinic a lot of new things and gained an important experience for my future. If someone is thinking in to be involved in this project involved, go ahead. It’s worth it. In life you can really. Thank you to all of you. And now I’m looking forward to home for meeting beloved family.

Tina zooTina Mrázková:

My name is Tina and I will tell you about my experiences of Erasmus+ in Spain (Sevilla).
Me and 5 other girls worked in Mundo park. We changed our workplace every week.
At first week we took care about birds and turtles with Anita. We were scared a bit but it won’t last long because she was really kind and helpful. She tried to talk to us in Spanish, translator or hands and it was so funny! She showed us how some parrots can speak and she gave one of them on our shoulder!!
Second week we worked with Mariano. It was a bit easier because he was able to speak English. We took care about monkeys. So, we cut fruit, cleaned their cages and fed them. We also had the opportunity to touch some of them so it was really amazing!
The third week I was with Miguel. We cared about watusi, sheep, donkey and goats. It was funny.
People in Mundopark were really kind and they really love animal what they work with.
We had a lot of trips in Sevilla, we went to Cádiz and Tavira. It was really beautiful.
In my opinion this three weeks were really great. I have got new experiences in working with animals, speaking with other people in Spanish (or try to speak) and I met a lot of new wonderful people like Natalia which took care about us and helped us whenever we needed it or our Spanish teachers Maria Jose and Patricia.
This was really good experience in my life I think everyone should try it!!



Project Details

Project Title: Development of professional competence of pupils and teachers focused on veterinary and agricultural fields
Project Number: 2017-1-CZ01-KA102-034726
Number of participants: 10
City & country: Libverda (Czech Republic)

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