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About This Project

The French might be known for their cuisine, but do they know the Andalusian one? 10 French trainees came to find out in May 2015. This group of cooks and pastry chefs stayed for a full month, carrying out internships at different host companies, such as hotels and restaurants, in Ubeda. They handled tasks such as:


  • Preparing typical Spanish meals
  • Preparing cold appetizers
  • Elaborating and putting the finishing touches to the cold drinks
  • Conserving the food
  • Learning Spanish names of traditional dishes


Next to that, we made sure the trainees had an unforgettable experience in Spain. They enjoyed a game of padel, a typical Spanish sport, did a tour around Ubeda and went on trips to Cordoba and Granada with their host families. We hope they had a great experience.



Jambou Samuel:

‘It was an amazing experience. I worked at a very high quality restaurant, so I learnt a lot and the atmosphere was nice. My boss was always smiling and friendly. He explained me a lot and showed how to prepare typical Spanish meals.’



Parent Louison:

‘I’m really happy with my work placement. My boss was nice, friendly and always ready to help me. Also the rest of the team was always helpful and nice to me. I didn’t have communication problems and I improved my Spanish skills as well as my cooking knowledge.’



Project Details

Project Title: Boreal
Project Number: 2013-1-FR1-LEO01-48523
Number of participants: 10
City & country: Dardilly (France)

All Projects, Baker, Food Production, Gastronomy, Hotel Industry, Restaurant industry