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About This Project

A group of 21 Polish students came to Seville over a period of two weeks as part of an Erasmus+ exchange programme. This traineeship course was brought to life in an attempt to improve the student’s professional skills as well as giving them a unique opportunity to obtain some valuable working experience.

Their main tasks included the following:

  • Providing a potential customer with the offers that are at his disposal
  • Distributing information about the flamenco culture
  • Active participation in the marketing activities of the company (flyers distribution, touristic brochures)
  • Selling tourist products (tickets for cruises in the Guadalquivir River, flamenco shows and excursions in Andalusia)
  • Customer service, providing customers with advice about the city of Seville and its monuments
  • Managing and solving all types of problems for the correct use of audio guides
  • Taking notes of guests’ concerns and paying attention to special requests in a personal and professional way, translating and interpreting if required

During their two-week stay the students managed to successfully complete their internships as well as gaining a lot of new and useful insights into the working area of their choice. Besides work there was plenty of time left for them to participate in cultural activities, such as: a fun trip to Cádiz.



Agnieszka Toporek: 

‘I came to Sevilla for 2 weeks. I was doing my internship at a tourism company called City Sightseeing Seville, handing out information about the trip rout and promoting the company at the same time. Thanks to my internship there I received the opportunity to get to know the city and the most important monuments. People that are working there are very nice and open, they were always to lend me a hand when I need it the most. During the practice I also took part in a Spanish course. I really liked the way our teacher (Maria Jose) was teaching us. She used a lot of games and fun things to do so that we would be motivated to learn more about the Spanish language. I think that euroMind company – thanks to these kinds of projects – give a lot of young people the unique opportunity to further develop their professional possibilities and to experience new things. It really creates new opportunities for a better future.’


Angelika Szmarkieta:    

‘I worked at a hotel called Don Paco. During the first couple of days I mainly focused on being a housekeeper, whereas later on I would focus my attention on waitring the tables at the hotel restaurant. Thanks to this practice I have learnt a lot and I acquire new experiences.  I carried out different type of tasks, for example collecting dirty dishes from the tables, cleaning tables, setting up the cutlery, assisting with the room cleaning. I also took part in a Spanish course. We have learnt very practical phrases through fun activities and games. Thanks to this project I have acquired new experience, I got to know Spanish culture, dishes and customs.’


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Project Details

Project Title: Success in leisure activities
Project Number: 2014-1-PL01- KA102- 000730
Number of participants: 21
City & country: Kielce (Poland)

All Projects, Hotel Industry, Tourism