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About This Project

Not being able to pass in the mines of Moria, a great group of 6 Polish miners-to-be decided to explore the mines of España instead. During their two-week stay in February 2017,  the six trainees had the opportunity to enjoy the underground sights of five different mines in and around Andalusia.


The internship familiarised the trainees with customs related to work organisation and cooperation, improved the trainees’ knowledge of English and Spanish and, above all, provided the trainees with unforgettable on-the-job-training in the field of mining.


We hope the trainees had a great experience in Spain and are sure they will benefit from their newly acquired skills and knowledge!



Kamil Peukert:

‘Thanks to the internship in Spain I had an opportunity to learn a lot of new things from the mining sector. I learnt how to recognize minerals and what their features are. I was able to improve my skills in English and to see many monuments. To the coordinators, I am giving the highest mark as they took great care of us.’

Patryk L

Patryk Lisek:

‘I will remember the internship in Seville for a long time, I learnt a lot about Spanish mining and I discovered the Andalusian culture and traditions. These were the most wonderful 2 weeks of internship, but also 2 weeks of relaxation, I visited many interesting places and the stay will definitely stick in my mind. The coordinators and instructors were very nice and helpful, especially Natalia.’



Project Details

Project Title: Uczniowie ZSZ Nr 3 w Katowicach u progu europejskiej kariery
Project Number: 2015-1-PL1-KA102-014873
Number of participants: 6
City & country: Katowice (Poland)

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