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About This Project

A group of 24 students from Poland from Zespół Szkół Zawodowych Nr 1 im. gen. Franciszka Kleeberga w Dęblinie came for a month-long internship in the Andalusian city of Málaga.


Their roles were IT Technicians and Electricians with different tasks. IT students were designing a mobile app application and electricians were assisting in the installation of the electrical systems in private houses and companies’ buildings o fabricating, dismantling, and assembling of the already existing electrical installations in the buildings. These are just some of the tasks they performed and which will certainly help them in their future work! A useful and fun experience at the same time.


During their free time, they had the opportunity to walk around Malaga city center and to visit two other cities in the sunny and warm region of Andalusia, Cadiz, and Córdoba, on weekends. An excellent opportunity to get in touch with the local people and Spanish culture. Besides work, there is also a bit of fun and we are sure that our group fully enjoyed their stay in Spain. Thank you very much!


Miłosz Sitkiewicz

I will remember the trip to Malaga for a long time. I learned a lot during the internship. I had a good manager.  During my free time I visited very interesting and beautiful places. The hotel was in a very good position and the food was tasty. I would love to come back to Malaga again.

Mateusz Mikusek

I really liked my stay in Spain thanks to the Erasmus+ programme. The hotel had a friendly atmosphere, good food and very friendly service. The room was clean and tidy. I liked the workplace because the boss was helpful and patient. I liked playing computer games, and now I can create games on the Unity engine myself. On weekends, we spent our time relaxing or going on trips, visiting very nice cities and monuments, and we captured all this with photos and videos.



Project Details

Project title: Zawodowcy z Dęblina na europejskim rynku pracy - edycja 2
Project Number: 2020-1-PL01-KA102-079719
Number of participants: 24
Country: Dęblin, Poland

All Projects, Electricians, IT, Webdesign
Electricians, IT