3 weeks of working in the sector of CNC, engineering, electrotechnics, IT and hairdressing in Málaga | Euromind
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About This Project

In December 2018, we had a pleasure to host a group of students interested in the field of CNC, engineering, electrotechincs, IT, hairdressing. We offered them different workplaces to choose.

In these companies, students could do many tasks, such as:

– Organizing the workplace, selecting of appropriate tools and supplies for hairdressers
– Understanding the work organization and equipment usually used by hairdressers
– Providing excellent customer service in accordance with the principles of culture and art of hairdressing
– Understanding the cosmetics and haircare technologies used by hairdressers
– Using sterilization procedures of hairdressing utensils
– Bleaching and highlighting hair using modern techniques and hairdressing utensils
– Changing hair color
– Changing hair shape
– Haircutting with a use of auxiliary techniques
– Applying the hygiene, disinfection and sterilization regulations connected with hairdressing
– Providing new hair styles
– Providing hair treatments
– Executing permanent waving hair
– Performing basic manicure and pedicure techniques
Other students could:

-Getting to know different tools and materials, such as  such as steel, iron, copper and bronze to make decorative and everyday items
-Using traditional hand tools such as hammers, punches and tongs or anvils
-Cutting metal sheets
-Learning filing and mechanical punching techniques
-Heating metal to the right temperature so that it can be shaped
-Learning how to bend and fold the metal, both in hot and cold ways
-Joining metals together using various blacksmithing methods
-Applying ‘finishings’ to metal or products
Students had stayed here for 3 weeks and did many other interesting things beside working. For example, they had a dynamic Spanish course and, add to that, they also had different cultural activities including tapas tasting, where they could experience the local Spanish cuisine, Málaga city tour and also excursions to other cities in Spain, such as Se4ville or Gibraltar, where they had been accompanied by our tour guides. Thus, students had a great time in Málaga and we enjoyed having them here with EuroMind!



Kateřina Hůďová

My job was to dye hair, to wash and to dress hair. In the beginning, I was a little bit scared because I dont speak Spanish but my coworkers were patient and very nice, so we tried to communicate in English or through the Google Translator to be able to understand each other. I have learned new ways of doing hair that I want to try in my country. I enjoyed my stay in Spain a lot.

Štěpán Bodešínský

I worked in a company that builds ships and does refurbishment with my classmate Roman. Our boss was very friendly and nice man. He explained everything to us very clearly. The time I spent there was very interesting and beneficial. I gained a lot of knowledge and I really loved learning a new language and knowing more about Spanish culture.

Jana Dufková

I worked together with my friends, Vojta and Mark. Our main task was to create a website or blog. I`ve learned how to work with the new WordPress and the boss  showed me many useful things that will help me write web pages in the future. He was also very kind, and willing to help us with any problem we had. Thanks to my stay in Malaga I gained new knowledge, new experiences, learned basic Spanish phrases and had a possibility to try new tastes. I am very happy I could spend two weeks in Spain.



Project Details

Project Title: How About Trainings in Spain?
Project Number: 2017-1-CZ01-KA102-035024
Number of participants: 12
Country: Czech Republic, Friedova

Electronics, Engineering, Hairdressing, IT, Logistics
CNC, electrotechnics, Engineering, hairdressing, IT