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About This Project

In April 2018, 16 students from Śrem (Poland) did a formative ten-days work experience in Seville as Video Games Developers. They worked in a company that was dealing with Video Game programming and developing, carrying out several tasks, such as:



  • Creating and modifying scenes, using camera and Prefab light system, importing and employing 3D models
  • Using physical simulation system and animations in Unity
  • Mastering basics of scripting visual
  • Creating elements and logical game course
  • Creating executable files for PC and mobiles



Furthermore, they discovered Sevilla, the capital of Andalusia, during Seville Tour and some other beautiful places in the Andalusian region such as Cadiz or Cordoba where they  had a great time.

We hope that our trainees had fun and that they learned many things that will be useful for their future work and private life.


Wiktoria Koluch 1Wiktoria Kaluch

`Hi, my name is Wiktoria Koluch. I’m 16. thanks to the participation in the Erasmus project I had a great personal change… I have overcome my shyness, I became more sociable. I am more likely to start conversation. I am willing to help others and share my knowledge. I am really glad that my supervisors notice my possibilities and thanks to new abilities I will develop my talents more. I am interested in art, interior design and advertising but I have found myself in human management career. I am sure that in future I am going to study economics and I am planning to start my professional life abroad. This experience has been deeply important for me.`

Wiktoria ŚmiataczWiktoria Śmiatacz:

‘Hi my name Wiktoria Śmiatacz. I’m 16. Thanks to the Project, I’m able to make a room and a map of a computer game. I think that thanks to the practice I improved my skills and I will work better in group. I discovered that the classes are really great and for sure the knowledge I gained now will be useful to find a good job in the future. I my opinion, Erasmus+ has given some significant benefits to my language skills and professional and personal development. Now I can better understand Spanish culture, the way people think, live and communicate there. Another import an aspect was getting to know people of another nationalities. I met a lot of people who became like my family and I made very good friends. The experience allowed me to live a great experience that deeply changed me, I improved my English in a very satisfying way.

Damian Plewiński. 1Damian Plewiński:

‘Hi, my name is Damian Plewiński. I’m 17. I work with MAYA software. I use it to design 3D characters, objects, computer game scenography. I want to learn how to create 3D objects to have more possibilities in my future. I hope it will help me to make my own business and to hire people who will also have abilities to create 3D objects and computer games. I have learnt working in a team, I have improved my communication skills. I have also learnt to negotiate and I am more open minded. Now, I’m aware about my strong and weak points and I know I can help other person in order to improve the process of creating computer game. I`m sure  this project will help me in my professional development.’



Project Details

Project Title: Zostań fachowcem w projekcji grafiki gier komputerowych
Project Number: 2016-1-PL01-KA102-023776
Number of participants: 16
City & country: Śrem (Poland)

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