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About This Project

16 Polish students from Kraków (Poland) did an internship in Seville, working as Aircraft Mechanics. During their work experience, they developed their professional abilities in industrial design and manufacturing, in Technology, in Aeronautics and in IT; they carried out several tasks, such as:



  • Getting to know and learning Aircraft Maintenance Manuals and Work Orders according to workshop tasks, Illustrated Parts Catalogues, basic principles of hydraulics and elements of the hydraulic system of an aircraft, elements of landing gear, its function and configuration, the different parts and engine operations and the differences between turbine and piston engines, the different types of propellers and its functions, etc.
  •  disassembling and assembling completely engine cylinders; propellers; combustion chambers; compressor of a turbine; torque link of the front axle; shimmy damper; the braking system; wheels; hand pump; hydraulic pump, hand pump and gear pump
  •  Performing maintenance tasks in the workshop (on different engines, propellers, turbines and aircrafts) and on the hydraulics systems (for example, changing engine oil, maintaining the contact magneto, cleaning the spark plug, etc.);
  •  Carrying out preflight and post-flight checks on the aircraft



Furthermore, they discovered some secrets of Andalusian culture and of its capital during a Seville Tour. They could also participate in a study visit to a Military base and fly in some light aircraft above Cordoba. At the weekend, the group enjoyed the trip to Malaga, where they visited famous historical places like Gibralfaro or Romanian Theatre and in the end they had fun on the Malagueta beach.

We hope that our trainees learned many things during their stay and that everything will be useful for their future work and private life.


Andrzej1Andrzej  Wójcik:

The time here was spent so great, two weeks passed like two days. Practical training in ADA may not have lived up to my expectations, but I definitely was not disappointed. Seville is great, it has lots of history and many, many places to visit – no matter what you like, and you would not be bored while sightseeing.

Pawel1Paweł Białko:

Awesome place, unique people and unforgettable memories. The practices were interesting and full of impressions. The place of residence was excellent. Come back here is a pure pleasure.

Daniel1Daniel Karski:

Hello, my name is Daniel, who is currently in Seville. The city is beautiful with so many monuments and peoples love, and even if nobody knows English, everyone can get along. Practices held in ADA facility based on a lot of theories that were bravely translated by Mrs. Patricia, although it was hard to found herself in a new reality she managed successfully. So if you are an aviation mechanic she can give you some lessons. I am really happy with the trip and would love to do that again.



Project Details

Project Title: Euro-mechanika-zdobywanie nowych umiejętności w zakresie mechaniki lotniczej i samochodowej
Project Number: 2017-1-PL01-KA102-035995
Number of participants: 16
City & country: Kraków (Poland)

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