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About This Project

In March 2019, EuroMind had the pleasure to welcome students from Slovakia who were trained in fields such as CNC, car mechanics, and administration. They had the opportunity to develop their abilities in different companies in Malaga. Depending on the sector, students carried out different tasks. Those working in the field of CNC could develop ability in

– Using counters and applying the knowledge of metrology
– Interpreting plans and technical pictures
– Operating and monitoring machines for cutting, drilling and grinding the metal
– Checking the results of operations and if it is not satisfactory, call the adjuster
– Preparing elements for turning
– Cleaning, lubricating and carrying out maintenance of the machine
– Replacement of turning tools
– Operating CNC Machines
– Analyzing information derived from technical documentation
– Taking care of the order at the place of work


Students working as electricians had tasks such as:

– Assisting in the installation of the light system

– Preparing and installing components of the light system by applying appropriate techniques and
– Gathering all needed materials, tools and other working equipment and preparing the worksite
– Ensuring that the work equipment is maintained in an efficient state
– Supervising the correct functioning of the already existing lighting systems of the building
– Fabricating, dismantling, assembling of the already existing electrical installations in the building
– Repairing of defective installations, machines and electrical devices under the supervision of the
– Getting acquainted with the technical documentation of the installation
– Ensuring that the work equipment and already existing installations are maintained in an efficient
state; supervising their correct functioning
– Assisting in the installation of public streetlight system and provisional street lights for local


Those who were working as electricians’ assistants basically had to:

– Assist in the installation of light system
– Prepare and installing components of light system by applying appropriate techniques and
– Gather all needed materials, tools and other working equipment and preparing the worksite
– Ensure that the work equipment is maintained in an efficient state
– Supervise the correct functioning of the already existing installations
– Fabricate, dismantle, assemble of utilities industry components


Students in the field of administration were mainly:

– Controlling payments
– Updating payments, schedules, class shifts, recoveries of the classes
– Balancing the cash register of the school
– Controlling and preparing material that will be used for classes
– Analyzing prices and purchasing office supplies
– Providing appropriate organization of invoices
– Maintaining and updating records management database systems


Besides their working experience, students had many cultural activities and opportunities to get a deeper insight in the Spanish culture with the help of EuroMind team. Students during their internship took part in activities such as Seville, Granada and Ronda tour as well as Paella Night and flamenco show.


Moreover, thanks to the Spanish course, they had the chance to improve their skills in Spanish language!


Dominika Spanikova

I appreciate my internship in Spain very well I have gained new experience mainly in teamwork,
patience, optimism at work most of all trips I liked Malaga, it is really a beautiful place. I will always just remember Spain and I want to visit it once more. Well, thank you!

Martin Chladny

Malaga is a big city. Trips were really beautiful. People in my company were really friendly. My free time I mostly spent in shops buying thing for friends and family. The guys from Euromind are friendly, nice, communicative, they are really great.



Project Details

Project Title: Develop and share skills and experience for EU professions
Project Number: 2018-1-SK01-KA102-045860
Number of participants: 14
Country: Slovakia

All Projects, Business Administration, Car mechanics, CNC, Electricians, Electronics, IT
administration, Car mechanics, CNC, electrician