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About This Project

In March 2022, a group of 16 people came from Wejherowo in Poland to develop their photography skills in Seville. Half of them were working in an educational centre that is committed to training and development, and people, providing a harmonious and integral education. The centre is located in the district of Triana, which is a beautiful, old part of the city, that was kept in many photographies shot by the students.



Their main tasks included: getting to know the main stages of creating an advertising campaign, introducing the apprentice to the strategy and concept of creativity, becoming familiar with the basic procedures for creating graphics in Photoshop, learning basic video ad editing skills, creating a campaign-based focus group, preparing equipment and materials for the campaign, drawing, creating and editing collages for your campaign and preparing photos most suitable for the needs of customers.



The other half of students from Wejherowo had their practice in a photography company specialized in various areas, mainly shooting in weddings, advertising and events coverage. Tasks that they carried out were: analysing the sector and current competition, assembling a professional photographic kit and learning how to use it, preparing a photo shoot using a moodboard and within a prior budget, taking professional studio shots with models (photo and video), editing and creating layouts in Lightroom and Photoshop, editing videos using Adobe Premiere, creating content for social networks and creating web content with SEO copywriting.



On the weekends, they have been taken to trips to Granada, the city of three religions and cultures: Judaism, Christianity and Islam. The great variety of stunning landscapes and views that Granada has to offer since the city is located at the foot of a mountain range called Sierra Nevada; and Cadiz, located in southwestern Spain, which is often considered the oldest city in Europe as it was founded in 1100 BC. It is a typical Andalusian pueblo blanco (white town) with many attractive sights and well-preserved historical landmarks.



Besides all that, students had their free time in Seville, while they could enjoy and experience the culture of Spain. Moreover, the group had guided Seville city tour and intensive short but dynamic Spanish language course. All in all, the project was successful and it was our pleasure to collaborate with students!


Kasjan Szczepański

I really enjoyed my stay in Sevilla over these last 2 weeks with Javi, who was really nice, he gave us a lot of freedom when it comes to our work, helped us, and gave on-point opinions about the photos that we took. The apartment we were staying at is clean, cozy, and the housekeeper was very friendly. Spanish lessons with Justyna were absolutely amazing. I liked the neighborhood and the fact that it was really close to the supermarket and bus stops. It was so good here I did not want to go back to Poland.

Weronika Misielak

I liked Spain very much, I would like to stay here for more than two weeks to see more cities. I learned a lot during the apprenticeship, it was very interesting. In the future, it would be nice to have more outside tasks and activities where we could take pictures of the beautiful city of Seville. The residence where we were staying was cozy and the food was delicious and I really appreciated the fact that lactose-free meals were prepared for me. Thanks to this project, I got to know Spanish culture and people who are very polite, so I would like to return here someday.

Kacper Cieszyński

I am very happy about being able to spend these 2 weeks in Seville. I learned a lot at the internship and our tutor was really great! Also, the residence we stayed in was cozy and comfortable, always with good food waiting for us. I liked the trips because we had a chance to see other cities such as Granada or Cadiz. I am grateful for this opportunity.



Project Details

Project Title: Mobilność w kształceniu zawodowym uczniów drogą do ich sukcesu na europejskim rynku pracy
Project Number: 2020-1-PL01- KA102-081181
Number of participants: 16
Country: Poland, Wejherowo