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About This Project

In January group of 12 students from Poznań, arrived in Malaga to carry 4 weeks-long internships in different sectors.
Students get an opportunity to learn new information about their jobs, also they were lucky to make new friends and live in other culture, during their staying trainees were hosted by euroMind.


All students get a unique experience in different positions, during the internship they were getting a variety of tasks, which helped them to improve their knowledge about their jobs. Here they were working as Photographer`s assistant, IT Technician.


Photographer assistants were observing the photo session and video recording. Assisting a photographer in his/her work. Editing pictures with photo editing tools. Determining methods of image capturing concerning aesthetic canons. Receiving clients in the studio. Drawing, creating, and editing collages for clients. Assisting in photo retouch.


IT programmers were programming with JavaScript. Managing social networks. Programming with WordPress. Using layout programs such as Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, C++, HTML, and CSS. Designing and developing web pages depending on their function. Exploring the latest information of the programming sector.


IT Technicians were installing, assembling, and upgrading hardware. Checking the electrical connections of the various hardware components. Repairing or replacing broken parts (troubleshooting). Examining and diagnosing hardware. Reading electrical diagrams, electronic, pneumatic/ hydraulic (electro-pneumatic/ electro). Locating the components in the computer. Managing the use of measuring and control devices.


During their stay in Malaga, the trainees not only developed their work skills but also took part in different cultural activities Trip to Córdoba, Trip to Ronda.


Students get sufficient Spanish courses with our Spanish teacher, we emphasize practice, so during lessons students play a lot, because we think the game is the best teacher. Spanish classes can be described in two words: dynamic and practical. That is why, after intensive and hard learning, the students had written an exam. All the participants passed with very good results!


4 weeks in Malaga were surely an unforgettable experience, we hope students gained a lot of practical knowledge and skills and that some of them might have enjoyed Spain that much they would like to come back there in the future!


Julia Stachowiak

During my internship in Malaga, I learned a lot and got to know this beautiful country’s culture. The location of our accommodation was perfect, everything that I needed was there. The company in which I did my internship was also perfectly selected. I learned a lot and above all, I improved my skills. Thanks to the Spanish language course, I had no problem making simple conversations for example in a restaurant. The trips organized by euroMind allowed me to get to know wonderful cities and the lives of their locals. I enjoyed the trip to Ronda the most. The trips allowed us to get to know each other again. I am very pleased with the month I spent in Spain!



Dominik Purol

It was amazing. I made some new friendships with guys from other classes. During my internship, I learned a lot of new things about Samsung TV service and how the modern TV is built. My tutor supported me a lot and showed me many new things. I spent my free time with my friends. After work, we used to go to the city center for a walk. Great trips also allowed me to see many interesting things and to get to know the culture of Spain. I also learned the basics of the Spanish language. In summary, I think this internship was very useful and entertaining. If I had the opportunity, I would do such an internship again.



Jakub Grzegorczyk

My internship in Malaga was very positive and valuable. Thanks to Galileo Satellite Control Systems, I have learned plenty about Angular, TypeScript, and various tracking devices. The work environment was stress-free, owing to a helpful tutor and good communication between team members. Thence, working there allowed me to gain valuable experience and brought me a lot of joy. My overall experience is highly positive. The internship was definitely up to scratch.



Project Details

Project Title: Uczniowie ZSŁ rozwijają kompetencje zawodowe i kluczowe na europejskim rynku pracy
Project Number: 2020-1-PL01- KA102-079084
Number of participants:12
Country: Poland, Poznań

All Projects, IT, Photography
IT programmers, IT technicians, Photographer assistants