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About This Project

In June 2018 we hosted in Seville a group of 14 Romanian trainees from Copșa Mică. They spent here two weeks improving their professional skills and competencies participating in an electronic programme, making their own drones. They performed such tasks as:

  • testing the drone
  • controlling a drone using different types of movements,
  • building a drone from scratch,
  • completing the drone, using Arduino with JAVA, from eclipse and knowledge of API and creating a joystick to control the drone flight.

Then, during their training programme, they could visit a company specialized in building drones and discover the everyday reality in the professional environment. Moreover, the group took part in a basic Spanish course to practice a vocabulary useful for their work and practice some basic everyday expressions. They also participated in a Creative Workshop where they could discover and develop their creative potential. During the evenings and on the weekends, the group had an opportunity to participate in various cultural activities and trips.
When it comes to the trips, the group went to Cadiz, wonderful Andalusian city. During the day-trip, the group visited the city centre enchants with old buildings and charming squares surrounded by countless cafés and bars. They could enjoy the rest of the day at the charming Caleta Beach.

We hope that our trainees had fun and that they learned many things that will be useful for their future work and private life.


Fărcaş Andreeas Marco1Farcas  Andreeas  Marco

Two weeks, wonderful people, the nicest chef in the world, breathtaking views, the coolest coordinator, one amazing experience. Those are the word which describes the best my practice experience in Seville.

The training experience has exceeded my expectations in every way from the small details to the challenges that we received from the trainers. The amount of knowledge that I acquired during the 2-week stay is…unbelievable and more important, part of my future.
Regarding the Spanish course, our teacher, Marie was the most dynamic person that I have ever met. In my opinion, this was the main thing that helped me learn a little Spanish in such a short time. A truly great time!

I have enjoyed it a lot and I can not wait to come back. Thank you all!

Marian Gașpar1Gaspar  Marian Mihai:

The practice in Sevilla was an unforgettable experience. The accommodation was awesome and the food was delicious, as for the training and the Spanish course I really enjoy them and Ive learned a lot of things that will help me in my future career. Those 2 weeks were perfect and I would love to live it once again.

Ioana Harda1Harda Ioana:

This training was a good experience for me. It was not just a preparation for enriching knowledge; it was also a process of adapting us to a different place with different traditions and habits. The drone course was really attractive for me because I learned a lot of things about an electronic field, which I have put into practice. Also, the Spanish course was really interesting because, for me, the Spanish language is the most beautiful language in the world (after Romanian). This project helps me to learn many things about the Spanish culture. People of there are very warm and friendly. Also, Laura´s food was a delicacy in this 2 weeks. In conclusion, this training was a great experience and I´m sure that it will help me later.



Project Details

Project Title: Stagii europene pentru formarea profesionala in domeniul electronicii.
Project Number: 2017-1-RO01-KA102-036873
Number of participants: 14
City & country: Romania (Copșa Mică)

All Projects, Electricians, Electronics