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About This Project

In January 2018, Polish students from Słupsk spent two weeks in Seville for an internship. They had the opportunity to do a work experience as IT technicians and cooks, improve their knowledge and carrying out several tasks such as:

  • Estimating food scarcities, reviewing inventory to assure that adequate supplies are available;
  • Assisting in coordinating food service activities to have meals prepared at scheduled time;
  • Weighing, measuring and mixing ingredients according to recipes or personal judgment, using various kitchen utensils and equipment;
  • Installing, assembling and upgrading hardware;
  • Repairing or replacing broken parts (trouble shooting);
  • Dismantling, reassembly and replacing of simple electrical, electronic and mechanical components.

Moreover, they had a Spanish language and culture course, they learned about history and gastronomy during a Spanish course, a Seville Tour and a Tapas night. In addition, they had two marvellous trips to the beautiful cities of Córdoba and Málaga. It’s been a great pleasure to have them here and we wish them all the best for their professional future.


kamilaKamila  Dobrowolska

The time of my apprenticeship in Spain will be one of my best memories in life. Thanks to it, I was able to get to know Spanish culture and taste regional dishes. I did my work with pleasure, we spent our free time actively visiting the most charming places in Sevilla. Trips to Malaga and Cordoba organised by our coordinator were a great adventure, but it’s Sevilla that will remain in my heart. Certainly, it’s our coordinator Kuba who deserves our gratitude – we could count on him in every situation. His help and involvement in the group has been invaluable. The Spanish course did not in vain thanks to the wonderful teacher Maria. And, last but not least, the food that Mrs. Inma prepared exceeded our wildest expectations. As to me to me, Gordon Ramsay is nothing compared to her. Thank you for welcoming us so warmly. Muchas gracias


Patryk Gerlach

I worked at a IT facility. There was a very nice atmosphere, nice people as well. During the apprenticeship in Seville, I learned a lot of useful things about my profession. Despite the language barrier, it was easy to get along with our Tutor. Thanks to the great Spanish language teacher, I learned the basics of this language. Our coordinator is a very nice person, he helps in every need. Food made by Inma was one of the best dishes I have ever had.



Project Details

Project Title: Staże zagraniczne drogą do rozwoju kreatywności i umiejętności zawodowych na poziomie europejskim
Project Number: 2016-1-PL01-KA102-023839
Number of participants: 16
City & country: Słupsk (Poland)

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