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About This Project

At the turn of June and July 2019 a group of Polish students was greeted in Seville. They came to develop their professional skills in the field of geodesy and video games designing. Besides this they took advantage of a language course provided by euroMind, therefore they had a full professional experience and could challenge themselves in Spain.


The group of students working as geodetic surveyors had a chance to learn how to plan the stages of topographic projects and how to create topographic bases. Moreover, they got to know different instruments used to create a Digital Terrain Model as well as methods of importing data from EXCEL into AutoCAD. The students were also motivated to see the process of creating reviews and reports, designing local topographic networks and calculating different types of coordinates. The Host Organization cooperated with City Council of the Villacarrillo and thanks to this many of our interns could visit geodetic works carried by the company.


The group of students working as video games designers developed their abilities in installation and basic elements of Unity architecture as well as montage of scenes – like creating and modifying scenes, using camera and Prefab light system, importing and employing 3D models – and creating land as a base for the game. What is more they tried editing images in Photoshop, worked on interactive interfaces of the games and designed a silhouette. They were working using special programs for games design and surely this will help them in their future careers.


That’s not all – besides learning in their chosen field – the students took intensive Spanish course, where they studied the language through fun methods and pleasant atmosphere. Even though it was very dynamic and demanding, all of the participants passed final written exam with a good note. Moreover, they had a chance to explore the Andalusian culture. Whilst taking a tour around Seville they were exploring the richness of tradition of this beautiful artistic city. Furthermore, the group went on one-day trip to Cadiz, which is the oldest continuously inhabited city in the southwestern Spain, where they visited most important monuments and charming squares of the center.




Marta Kokocińska

The internship was very interesting and informative. It was supervised by a cool and cheerful host. During this internship I was trained in a 3D design program and I got to know a new application of Photoshop. I also got to know the Spanish culture and the language of which we also had lessons conducted by a nice lecturer.



Julia Kubisiak

I enjoyed the practice in Seville, we learned how to design games in 3D, they were conducted in a professional and well-organized manner, we learned the Spanish language which we need in communication. We have visited interesting monuments which were very nice. It was worth coming to euroMind in Seville.



Project Details

Project Title: I Ty możesz zostać fachowcem grafiki na rynku międzynarodowym
Project Number: 2018-1-PL01-KA102-048050
Number of participants: 18
Country: Poland, Śrem

All Projects, Geodetic Surveying, video games
Geodetic Surveying, Video games