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About This Project

In January, euroMind welcomed a group of 20 Polish hairdressing students to Seville where they completed hairdressing work experience in a vocational school for two weeks.


On this placement, the group learnt a number of new things and reinforced multiple other skills. Initially, the students learnt how to organise their work stations following the appropriate learning guidelines. Additionally, they were taught to perform facial and body analyses to select the most flattering hairstyles, and to design hairstyle proposals in line with different styles and trends. They became familiar with various types and classifications of hairstyles according to different events, in particular learning how to do bridal and traditional Andalusian hairstyles that are particular to Holy Week and April Fair in Seville. In terms of styling, the group learnt how to create finger waves, practice different colouring techniques, and use the appropriate decorative hair combs, flowers, Spanish veils, and fascinators. They were also able to put all of these skills into practice on real models, including the translators and other members of the group!


The group also participated in a number of cultural activities which enhanced their experience in Seville. The first of these was a tapas night, which afforded the trainees the opportunity to experience the typically Spanish social atmosphere of a tapas bar, while sampling some of the local cuisine. Next, the group received a tour of Seville from the euroMind team, which informed them of the best places to eat and drink, as well as pointing out some of the most interesting landmarks in the city. The trainees also walked around the neighbourhood of Triana with their placement tutor, who also took them to the museum of horse-drawn carriages in Seville, and to the traditional Triana market. Furthermore, the group visited some cities outside of Seville, the first being Malaga – home of Pablo Picasso. Here, they visited the Roman Theatre, the palaces, and the La Manquita cathedral. They also visited Cordoba, where they visited the Mezquita (a UNESCO World Heritage Site), the Alcazar, the Calahorra Tower, and the Roman Bridge of Cordoba. Finally, they visited Cadiz by the sea, where they visited many historical sites, including the Plaza de España where the first Spanish democratic constitution was signed.


The group thoroughly enjoyed their time in Spain, and regard this work placement as an important step in their professional development. The opportunities, both in the work experience and culturally, will benefit them hugely in the future.


Dominik Godula

I like that I had an opportunity to learn not only about new hairstyles and coloring, but also about the Spanish culture.

Alicja Matera

I really liked the atmosphere during the internship, I learnt a lot of new wedding updos and curling methods. I got very lucky when I got to be a model in the coloring class.



Project Details

Project Title: Paszport do europejskiego sukcesu zawodowego.
Project Number: 2019-1-PL01-KA102-062473
Number of participants: 20
Country: Poland, Pszowie

All Projects, Hairdressing
Hairdresser, hairdressing