Polish students came to Malaga to gain experience as housekeepers and administratives | Euromind
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About This Project

In April 2019, Euromind greeted 16 polish students from Pińczów working in the field of housekeeping and in the administration. They were assigned to different companies depending on their preferences to do the internship for 2 weeks. They had different tasks depending on the field they worked in.


Students working as housekeepers learned to check if the rooms have been vacated before cleaning, make beds daily and changing bed linen, clean vacuum carpets, floors, and upholstery, bathrooms and supplying fresh towels and toiletries, check and restock tea, coffee, sugar, milk and mini bar supplies, make sure that televisions, radios, lights and air conditioning equipment are working, report to a supervisor when articles are left behind by guests, if there is any damage in the rooms or if any items appear to have been stolen.


Those working as administratives were mainly attending project meetings when appropriate, assisting in the coordination of events during projects’ delivery, undertaking general administration including text processing, dealing with enquiry’s and routine correspondence, photocopying, scanning, filing, nsuring that project files are up to date, assisting the manager of the company in the maintenance of the database, maintaining and updating the internal library and index including administration of photos and digital images, arranging and overseeing the recording of projects for the database and archive, preparing and delivering presentations, helping in the preparation of marketing materials and also managing company’s social media.



Besides the work placement, the students could enjoy the Andalusian spirit, discovering Malaga and also enjoying a trip in Gibraltar. Furthermore, they had the opportunity to learn more about Spanish language and culture thanks to Spanish lessons provided by Euromind team.


Kamila Kumor

Those two weeks were very interesting. The internship in Spain gave me the opportunity to see
new places, learn a new language and work in a new environment. Spain is a country worth seeing
because of its food, landscapes and culture. My internship took place in a great atmosphere, I learned the skills necessary for my job and the people there were always smiling and willing to help. The Spanish lesson was fun and interesting with Giulia. We went on a few excursions but I liked Gibraltar the most, where you could admire the amazing charm of the city.

Edyta Fijałkowska

The two weeks in Malaga has been amazing. This city has a unique charm and you can fall in love
with it easily. There are many interesting attractions in Malaga that I think are worth seeing.
People are also very friendly here. During my stay I was on a trip in Gibraltar and Ronda which was
great and I had an opportunity to take a lot of pictures. I really enjoyed the Spanish course with
Giulia, the classes were interesting and I learned a lot. The ladies I worked with were very nice and we understood each other despite the language barrier. In conclusion, I am very pleased with the practices in Malaga.



Project Details

Project Title: Europejskie praktyki zawodowe
Project Number: 2018-1-PL01-KA102-049448
Number of participants: 16
Country: Poland, Pińczów

All Projects, Business Administration, Hotel Industry
administrative, hotel, housekeeping