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About This Project

In October 2018, a group of 4 people came from Czech Republic to develop their photography skills in Seville. All four students chose to work in companies with different specializations. The 3 of them worked in companies specializing in photo shootings for individual clients, advertising, events as weddings, communions, baptisms, indoor or outdoor photography, also in graphic design services, for example creating business cards or logos for other companies. In all these companies, the tasks carried out were similar:

– Observing the photo session and video recording

– Assisting a photographer in his/her work

– Editing pictures with photo editing tools

– Determining methods of an image capturing with respect to aesthetic canons

– Drawing, creating and editing collages for clients

– Assisting in photo retouch

However, one student showed interest in working in a tourism company and being responsible for taking pictures during the excursions and activities. The student worked in Andalusian company dedicated to a sustainable environmental tourism agency. One of the most important activities of the company is to offer visits to green places in Andalusia. They offer day trips and excursions in Seville and out of Seville, also organizes kayaking and surfing activities, wine tasting, bull farms visits, photography and astronomical routes, archaeology visits, and flamenco shows. Furthermore, this company has an extensive experience in delivering environmental education workshops for schools. And the students in this company had to be responsible for:

– Accompanying the guide and groups of tourists during trips

– Taking pictures of tourists, tourist facilities, landscapes, monuments, etc.

– Making video recordings during trips

– Taking pictures for the company website

– Editing pictures with the use of photo editing tools

– Determining methods of capturing an image with respect to aesthetic canons

– Assisting in photo retouching

Besides all that, students had their free time in Seville, while they could enjoy and experience the culture of Spain. Moreover, the group had guided Seville city tour and intensive short but dynamic Spanish language course. All in all, the project was successful and it was our pleasure to collaborate with students!


Karolína Zitkova

I got to work in the studio that mainly dealt with the wedding photography. I was editing the photos from the photoshoots. I also worked two times on the weddings, which was pretty cool because I got to see how the Spanish wedding looks like.

Václav Vagner

During the three weeks of practice, I was working at photography studio. I was editing photos of real campaigns.I really liked our trip to Spain, I learned a lot and visited a lot places in Sevilla. Overall, I consider the whole trip to be very successful and I am happy that I could participate in it.



Project Details

Project Title: New Opportunities in Multimedia and Art II
Project Number: 2017-1-CZ01-KA102-035086
Number of participants: 4
Country: Czech Republic, Prague

All Projects, Arts, Graphic Design, Photography, Tourism
arts, Graphic design, Photography