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About This Project

For four weeks of July, Ubeda hosted 19 trainees from Kwidzyn in Poland.


They were working in fields of IT, marketing and logistics developing their professional skills.

Trainees had to use specialistic computer programs, applications and technical equipment. They were ordering and archiving invoices and working with the documents in the office.

Moreover, in the warehouse trainees were receiving products, moving pallets, boxes and placing them in the store.

IT trainees worked with installing operating systems, analyzing their characteristics. They were making the routine verifications, detecting problems and making necessary reparations.



During their stay, the trainees could get to know some of the most important parts of Ubeda´s culture. They visited The Museum of Artisan Pottery Paco Tito. Pottery is one of the most emblematic crafts of the region. The group could find out how the traditional Spanish ceramic is made.
The second important place that they visited was the Synagogue of Water with its amazing history.
They participated in three trips to beautiful Spanish cities: Seville, Malaga and Baeza. Each of the trips was a great opportunity to learn about Spanish culture and history, to see the most important monuments of those places and to enjoy sunny weather, wonderful landscapes and to spend some time on the seaside.



We hope that the internship fulfilled all the expectations of our trainees and that the experience will serve them in the future.


Grzegorz Dramiński:

‘I am completely satisfied with the internship. Work there was simply an outstanding experience. I got all help I needed from the boss and other workers and their sense of humour along with positive attitude immediately made me feel like a part of a team. I hope I can stay in contact with them even after leaving Spain.’


sandra1Sandra Piwowarek:

‘I am very happy with my internship. I could learn a lot and I got a new experience. My tutors always took care to make me feel comfortable, they were patient and understanding. At work, family atmosphere prevailed.’

Magdalena Podgórska

‘I am very happy with the internship. During my practice, I learned a lot of new things and I could see many interesting places in Ubeda.’



Project Details

Project Title: Aktywny na europejskim rynku pracy
Project Number: 2016-1-PL01-KA102-024955
Number of participants: 19
City & country: Kwidzyn (Poland)

All Projects, IT, Logistics, Marketing