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About This Project

At the end of February, 22 Warsaw students came to Úbeda for a 3-week work placement in the IT, programmer and electronics sectors.


The programmers were busy designing and updating their host company’s websites, under the watchful eye of tutors. IT technicians spent this time learning how to repair and configure a wide variety of equipment, from phones, computers and laptops to larger devices such as industrial printers. The electronics technicians, meanwhile, gained new skills such as microsoldering and working with the smallest parts under a microscope.


As well as gaining professional skills, the students also mastered the basics of Spanish on a language course run by the euromind team. What’s more, to fully experience their stay in Andalusia, they went on an excursion to Granada, where they admired the Alhambra in addition to the beautiful old town, and other cities in the region.


Thank you for great time and all the adventures!


Szymon Piotr Szałach

The most surprising thing for me was the fact that people in/near Ubeda despite my not-so-fluent Spanish did not judge me up front and were always communicative even with language barriers. During my time in Spain, I worked in computer service and I have taken tasks regarding repairing, maintaining, and personalizing computers, laptops, and peripherals for private clients and public institutions. In my free time, I was sightseeing the beautiful city of Úbeda and the cities nearby. My favorite activity was a trip to the city of Córdoba – a breathtaking place with amazing views and stunning architecture.

Pavlo Remarchuk

I was really looking forward to that trip because I always wanted to explore different countries. During my time at the host company, I learned a lot of new things about computers and other electronic devices. I had a great time collaborating with the team at this company. They were amusing and always willing to help. The office we worked in was incomparable to any other I worked in, it was spacious and incredibly comfortable. In my free time, I tried to integrate with my friends as much as I could. Personally, I really liked the pool in the backyard of our residence, as well as the view of the mountains from the observation dec. Our trip to Málaga was definitely the best, in Córdoba and Granada I liked great architecture. Overall all trips were great, and it was fun to explore new cities. I definitely will remember the people and culture of Spain after I come back to Poland.



Project Details

Project Number: 2022-1-PL01-KA121-VET-000063734
Number of participants: 22
Country: Warsaw, Poland

All Projects, Electronics, IT, Webdesign
Electronics, IT, Programming