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About This Project

At the end of January/beginning of February, a group of 30 musicians from the Krakow orchestra arrived in Málaga to practice in beautiful Andalusia. The students worked hard for a fortnight during rehearsals with the Malaga musicians to prepare for the final concert, which crowned their efforts.


The musicians playing violins, violas, trumpets, oboes, flutes, double bass, pianist and conductor found their new surroundings wonderfully, made friends with the local musicians and fell in love with beautiful Malaga.


In a break from rehearsals, they broadened their horizons with a Spanish language course and visited the stunning Ronda and spectacular Granada. As musicians, they particularly appreciated the artistic achievements and the atmosphere of Andalusian cities.


It was an exceptional fortnight, it was a pleasure to watch young, talented people practising the repertoire on their instruments with passion and commitment. The final concert, which was also attended by well-known personalities from the world of art and public life in Malaga, was also a fantastic experience. We are sure that our students will have many more such musical experiences, journeys and performances on many stages around the world.



Gabriela Kalisz

The trip was great. It was relaxing, but also hard-working. I learned basic Spanish phrases and got acquainted with the local cuisine. I got to know the cultural differences and the local work system. The trip met my expectations for Spain and showed me many beautiful places. I play the violin, there in orchestra in Violin II. We had orchestra rehearsals in Malaga. The music school does not differ much from the Polish one. Regional music is interesting and very different from Polish music. In my free time I visited the sea and monuments, e.g. Ronda or Granada.

Stanisław Borycki

I really wanted to go to Spain since it is one of the most beautiful places in the world, in my opinion. I also think that it is a huge opportunity for me to visit some new places and meet new people. Spain is in fact the most breathtaking country I have ever visited. I love the sun and the weather was amazing. I play violin. My duties there are practicing and learning Spanish. Orchestras in Poland and Spain are quite similar. Our conductor has other technique of showing us some details. I have learned there some basic sentences and words in Spanish. In my free time I visited local shops, explored the town we lived in and spent time with my friends from the orchestra. If I only could, I would stay there forever.

Kamila Tylek

I wanted to travel to Spain to get more experience with playing with foreign people. I especially loved the weather and also how nice and lovely is the Spanish population. What surprised me the most was that I still cannot get used to the time and the sense of Spanish siesta. We were having rehearsals in Malaga, I was playing violin. I learned how to work with people that are not speaking my language and especially how it is to play with different conductor which is really difficult. In my free time I was getting tan because in Poland we had sore winter and it was snowing all the time. I was trying to take advantage of the sun that we had there. I loved the time there and I hope I will be there again in future.



Project Details

Number of participants: 30
Country: Kraków, Poland

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