A group of 6 Polish students come to Seville to live the euromind experience as logistics trainees | Euromind
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About This Project

In August the group of 6 excellent students from Zespół Szkół Technicznych im. gen. prof. S. Kaliskiego w Turku came to Seville to carry out a 2-week internship as logisticians. The trainees had practices in different shops in the capital of Andalusia. They were able to work at warehouses, at the same time they learnt about product coding and storage. They received deliveries of goods, sorted clothes and they were also responsible for labeling of clothes. After practice, the group explored the narrow streets of Seville, its museums and they even were able to enjoy Cádiz. Moreover, they tried local cuisine and took part in Spanish classes. Hope they will remember this adventure for a long time!



Mateusz Krawiec

I liked the practice in Sevilla a lot. I learned a lot of new things, improved my skills. I also learned a lot about culture and language. The time spent in Malaga was full of excursions and interesting experiences. At work I learned to use new machine and also useful phrases. My free time was varied with various trip and meetings. I would like to see Sevilla again.

Dominika Lewandowska

I dreamed about visiting Spain for many years and Euromind project gave me that opportunity to take part in an internship in Seville. I experienced one of the best adventures of my life and really enjoyed this visit since first minutes. I had a chance to learn about Spanish culture and cuisine. My internship was in a second hand shop. The income was donated to charity, which is to improve the quality of life of people with Butterfly Skin. I dealt with labeling clothes, hanging goods on hangers according to the category of clothes and colors. I was also responsible for their presentation by ironing them. After each delivery of clothes, I sorted them into winter, summer and recyclable ones (if they are dirty or torn), then I labeled them all in good condition and entered the sizes. I also took care of the aesthetics of the arrangement of clothes and items. After work, we had a lot of free time. Our coordinator showed us many beautiful places such as Plaza de España or Royal Alcázar of Seville. First time in my life I was at the ocean in Cadiz. I had a fantastic time in the place where I was working.

Wiktor Arent

I really enjoyed practice in Sevilla. I visited many interesting monuments in Sevilla and Cádiz. I
learned the basics of Spanish and had fun. The internship here allowed me to improve my language
and professional skills. I would like to thank Mai, who was very committed and helpful in every
situation. I will not forget the moments I experienced here for the rest of my life.





Project Details

Project Title: Kontynuacja i Rozwój
Project Number: 2020-1-PL01- KA102-079686
Number of participants: 6
Country: Poland, Turek

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