Measuring park and planting trees in Ubeda - gardeners and geodetic surveyors from Busko-Zdrój learning in Andalusia! | Euromind
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About This Project

In spring of 2019 we were hosting in Ubeda a group of young trainees from Busko-Zdrój: gardeners and geodetic surveyors. They were here to extend their konwledge in the field of their professions.

The group of gardeners had an opportunitz to learn about ordering and unpacking flowers and plants delivered; making bouquets and arrangements based on their knowledge, ideas and design books in order to meet customer requirements; preparing floral decorations and exhibitions; maintain sufficient amount of fresh flowers, foliage, plants and various items through inventory procedures; controlling the condition of plants and providing them with adequate storage conditions; assisting in plant care adapted to the needs of a given plant and assisting in customer service, selling plants and cut flowers, and plant care products etc.

And the group of geodetic surveyors meanwhile was getting familiar with the working methodology of the geodetic surveyors, they were planning the stages of a topographic project; creating topographic bases; taking readings of bases, slope changes and interest points of the project; calculating the different types of coordinates; importing data from EXCEL into AutoCAD and
designing local topographic networks. At the end of their internship they created reviews and reports to close their.

A group from Busko-Zdrój had a great time in Ubeda. They had a lot of activities, such as: Ubeda Tour, Sports competition, Bowling afternoon, Language & Cultural Exchange, Tapas Night, Visit in the  Centre of Interpretation of Olive Oil and two trips, to the Mediterranean Sea – Malaga and the city of antient monuments – Granada. The group saw the most attractive places where they could go and grab something to eat, drink or just relax and learn something about the Spanish culture.


Kinga Gwóźdź

I really liked my interniship. Ther is a great atmosphere and I could learn a lot. I liked the trip to Malaga and its beautiful views, the beach and the sea. Thanks to Spanish lessons, I learnt to communicate with Spanish people. I like this country and its culture a lot. The flamenco dancing classes were really funny.

Marcin Kądzielski

I was working as geodetic surveyor during my interniship in Spain. My tutor Raul was the best, he was very nice and helpful. I had many tasks such as making measurements or doing drafts, which were great. During my stay I improved both my Spanish and English language. After working hours we had a lot of interesting activities, for example Tapas Night. The local dishes were delicious.

Andżelika Samulewicz

I really enjoy my interniship in Spain. My tutor is very kind and you can learn a lot from him. I mostly liked the whole group trips to other cities, bowling and tapas. The atmosphere both at work and in the residence is nice, which makes us all feel good. I am very happy to be here. I recommend this trip to everyone.



Project Details

Project Title: Myślenie ponad granicami
Project Number: 2017-1-PL01-KA102-037030
Number of participants: 16
Country: Busko-Zdrój, Poland

All Projects, Gardening, Geodetic Surveying
All projects, Gardening, Geodetic Surveying, Topography