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About This Project

In November of 2016, 16 excited trainees from Zespół Szkół Elektronicznych i Ogólnokształcących Przemyśl made their way to Seville to take part in a traineeship at a local, modern and renowned geodetic host company. During their stay they managed to greatly expand their knowledge and professional skills in this workfield.


The tasks of the interns included the following:


  • Create topographic bases
  • Design local topographic network
  • Get to know different instruments to know how to create a Digital Terrain Model
  • Make the stages of a topographic project
  • Import data from EXCEL into AutoCAD
  • Get to know the working methodology of the town hall engineers


Each and every trainee showed a huge amount of motivation and enthusiasm, both during and after working hours. The group also took part in several cultural activities during their stay in Seville. They took part in a Spanish course, went on a cultural bike tour and made an unforgettable trip to Gibraltar.



Agata Mikrut:

‘I have had an amazing time in Sevilla. For me it was the adventure of a lifetime. I’m really greatful that I have been given the opportunity to come to Sevilla. This city is incredibly beautiful; the weather was ideal. I loved the architecture, positive people and food of course but the most important thing was that I learned how to cooperate with others. It was really valuable for me because up until now I had always rather worked on my own. I hope that I can come to Sevilla at least one more time, this entire experience will forever be in my heart.’


Bartosz Daniów:

‘My opinion about the internship is very positive. I’ve got an awesome chance to see something new, learn about Spanish traditions. Thanks to the Spanish course I learned some basic words that helped me to communicate with local people. I’ve also tried local traditional food which was really great. After work we had time for sightseeing. The weather was fantastic, people were friendly and talkative. This internship was the best thing to happen to me throughout my entire educational process.’



Project Details

Project Title: Staż zagraniczny kluczem do zawodowej kariery
Project number: 2016-1-PL01-KA102-025253
Number of participants: 16
City & country: Przemyśl (Poland)

All Projects, Geodetic Surveying