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About This Project

Students from a Slovak school – Stredná priemyselná škola Snina, came to Seville to enjoy their internship and gain new skills!

Their fields are among the easiest, but certainly very necessary in today’s world! They learned more about electrical, mechanical or IT engineering. They could improve working in the programs, programming languages, obtain new skills, improve English or learn a new language such a Spanish.

During their free time, they enjoyed the city of Seville, where they visited various famous monuments, and later they made the trips to coastal cities, where they could relax after a hard work week. They definitely felt in love with the city of Malaga!


Adam Savka

The workplace was very interesting, i was happy to stay there with the mentor and other guys, i could learn something new and very good about robotics. I would like to do this internship again, Sevilla was perfect, but only one thing was bad, that we had to travel so far.

Richard Emanuel Ruščanský

I really enjoyed working there. Octavio taught me a lot of new things but for me, the best was flying with Drones. I think there was one negative. Each group had only one computer. The internship in Sevilla was one of the best experiences in my life




Project Details

Project Title: Odborná stáž
Project Number: 2022-1-SK01-KA121-VET-000054653.
Number of participants: 10
Country: Velika Snina, Slovakia

All Projects, Electricians, Engineering
electrician, Engineering, IT, Mechanics