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About This Project

Students from Technical and General Secondary School No. 2 in Katowice came in May to practice in Malaga for training in technical work with drones. The host company, which deals in filming drones, took under our wing our pupils, in order to make their skills come true when working with new technologies.


Observation of such a small machine work can look hard, but having already acquired knowledge at school, they had the opportunity to test their skills practically with work with drones, of which there are several types and each of them requires different manual skills and concentration.

After settling down after the trip, the students went to the host company to get to know the internship plan and familiarize them with the company’s activities and tasks for the near future. Then during the internship they dealt with: using Arduino with JAVA, with Eclipse, API, creating a joystick to control the drone flight, controlling the drone using various types of movements, flight modes, configurations, etc., tested the drone and connecting the transmitter to the receiver. This is only a few of the tasks that the trainees took during their work. They had organized time so that they could spend it actively.


They participated, among other things, in the EuroMind organization trip to Gibraltar, where fun monkeys trips. It was an extraordinary opportunity for them to see breathtaking views from a great height. They will definitely remember this trip for a long time. Climbing was an amazing experience and experience for everyone.


The next stop during the practice in Spain was Marbella. On the Costa del Sol, the city is considered one of the most tourist and also very nice. It has beautiful beaches. The group visited, among others, several tourist facilities such as Ermita de Santiago XV. Then they visited the port and tried the delicacies of the region.




Mateusz Becht

It was a pleasure to be a part of the Erasmus+ Program. These two weeks was a great experience and showed me a new horizons. Malaga is really nice place with a great locals and beautiful beach. I enjoyed trip to Gibraltar and view was mind-blowing. I learned a lot on the internship and I had fun thanks to tutors who were awesome. I believe that knowledge I possessed will be useful for me in the future.

Mateusz Łuczyński

Last two weeks in Malaga were fantastic. I have learnt a lot about drones and how to build them. After working together with my friends we were relaxing on the beach, and visting the most famous and the most interesting places in Malaga. At the weekend we visited Gibraltar and it was awesome. The views, monkeys and beautiful weather charmed me. Second day of the weekend we spent on Marbella’s beach. This whole journey gave me a lot of fun and I’m sure I will remember this for a years.

Michał Baron

After 2 weeks of internship, I can tell that Erasmus+ was a very viable source of experience and it provided a lot of fun. I learned a lot of cool things that I will use in future. However, those 2 weeks wasn’t about learning all the time. I met a lot of nice and friendly people and visited some interesting places. In my opinion Erasmus+ is a great project that gives a lot to the students that are participating and I am sure that I will recommend it to everyone.

Kamil Wojtyczka

Hi my name is Kamil and last two weeks I spent in Malaga, Spain as a part of Erasmus+ project. During this time I learned how to fly or build a drone. Also I met bunch of amazing people and places, I visited Gibraltar and Marbella it was my first abroad experience, so everything was new to me. I have been surprised by Spanish hospitality and a sense of humor, but I loved it. I feel that this journey was for me the beginning of a new thinking about life, which I will continue.



Project Details

Project Title: Nauczyciele i uczniowie ZSTiO nr 2 w Katowicach - zawodowcy z pasją!
Project Number: 2017-1-PL01-KA102-037116
Number of participants: 20
Country: Poland, Katowice


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