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About This Project

A group of 16 students from Polish city Dzierzoniow travelled to Seville in August 2019 to experience the beauty of Andalusia during their four-week internship in logistics and administration. euroMind provided young interns with professional training as well as with cultural activities.


The students had a chance to work in all kinds of places, such as a library, store or a tourist office. The examples of responsibilities which the interns from the logistics sector faced were: organizing products in the store and in the warehouse area, assisting in deliveries or supporting the data collection system. The second group dealt with everyday office duties which mainly consisted of preparing documents and providing customer service.


In addition to expanding their professional competences, the interns visited the most beautiful places in Andalusia. Firstly, they took part in a Seville bike tour seeing the most important spots in this beautiful city. They had a chance to try many local specialties: paella and a great selection of tapas. The interns also travelled to Tavira, a charming and historic town in Portugal, and to the modern seaside resort Matalascañas Beach. They also improved their linguistic competences by taking an intensive Spanish course.


Emilia Styrna

I really liked my job. I had got an opportunity to see and learn how sport T-shirts are customized. For the first time in my life I could put clothes on a dummy and arranged the shop front. The atmosphere in the workplace was very warm and friendly. Coworkers were kind, they helped me when I needed it. I am really happy that I went to Spain. I could know Spanish culture, language and see a lot of beautiful places.

Malgorzata Siemienczuk

The trust my colleagues gave me was incredibly important to me because it made me feel not like n apprentice, but like a full member of the team. The experiences I have gained here have opened my mind to matters relating to my future and to myself, and this is the greatest memento I could have ever brought from that journey.



Project Details

Project Title: Zagraniczna praktyka zawodowa- nowe wyzwania, nowe kompetencje
Project Number: 2018-1-PL01-KA102-048574
Number of participants: 16
Country: Dzierżoniów, Poland